Hangtag Rules and Regulations

  • One hangtag is issued per person. Transferring a hangtag to
    additonal vehicles is permissible. Hangtags are not transferable
    to another person. Self-made notes will not be honored.
  • Prepaid hangtag holders are entitled to park in the garages/lots during the day and time outlined on the back of the permit. Campus
  • The registration process is not complete until the hangtag
    is properly displayed on the vehicle (e.g., on the rearview
    mirror facing the windshield). The hangtag must be displayed
    in such a manner that all of the letters and numbers are clearly
    visible to enforcement personnel. (Daily tickets must be placed
    on dashboard.)

    There is a charge for lost hangtags:
    $20 - Student
    $60 - Faculty Staff

  • Replacement of lost or stolen hangtags will be issued upon
    completing a lost/stolen report with the CSU Police Department. Patrons are encouraged to lock
    their vehicles and safeguard their parking hangtags.
  • Hangtags are issued to one individual. Shared tags will be
    the responsibility of the original registrant.
  • Lost or stolen hangtags not reported will remain the responsibility
    of the original registrant.
  • Refunds for returned hangtags will be made according to the
    Treasury Services Refund Schedule. No refunds will be issued
    if a hangtag is not returned. No refunds will be made for hangtags
    revoked due to fraudulent application.
  • In the event of termination, resignation, or leave of absence,
    it is the employee's responsibility to return the hangtag to
    the Parking & Transportation Services office in order to stop payroll deductions. Monthly
    charges continue until the hangtag is returned.
  • Temporary hangtags are available for members of the campus
    community and vendors who need special parking arrangements.
    Temporary tags will not be issued in lieu of the required hangtag..
  • Departments are responsible for obtaining hangtags for their
    visitors and vendors.
  • Hangtags that are defaced, altered, or duplicated will be considered
    invalid and will result in confiscation of tag, fine and/or
    towing of vehicle.
  • If a permit holder forget their hangtag on any given day, Parking & Transportation Services
    will issue a temporary one-day tag (no charge) upon registration
    verification. A temporary tag should be obtained in the Parking & Transportation Services Office 2402 Euclid Avenue - Euclid Commons Room 160 before parking on campus.
  • If a permit holder forgot their Viking ID, they may park in a non-gated facility with a valid hangtag displayed.
  • Outdated hangtags are to be removed from vehicle.