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Violations and Fines

Parking & Transportation is introducing an Escalation Based System for citations starting July 1, 2013. This means that if you receive the same citation more than once per fiscal year (July 1 - June 30), the fine will increase with each citation you receive. This new process is being implemented to reduce the number of patrons that park without valid credentials or occupy metered spaces for long periods after meters have expired. Click here to learn more and get tips for avoid citations.

Second Offense: +10.00 $35+$10 = $45.00
Third Offense: +25.00 $35+25 = $60.00
Fourth Offense: +75.00 $35+75 = $110.00

Rates Effective July 1, 2013

Citation Description Fine
No Valid Hangtag Displayed $35.00
Parking in Disabled Space $250.00
Unauthorized Parking
Broken Meter $25.00
Scratch off not scratched $25.00
Expired hangtag/ticket $25.00
Driving/Parking outside permitted area $25.00
Tag/Ticket not Properly Displayed $25.00
No Overnight decal displayed $25.00
No Daily Ticket Displayed $25.00
Expired Time
Expired Meter $35.00
Expired Time at PayStation $35.00
Illegal Permit
Possession of Lost/StolenHangtag $250.00
Alteration/reproduction of Hangtag $250.00
Illegal Parking Space
Parked on Sidewalk $25.00
Parked in Driveway $25.00
Parked on/outside painted lines $25.00
Blocking Door $25.00
Signage Prohibits Parking $25.00
General Infraction
Entering through Exit $25.00
Parked in Reserved Space $25.00
Parked in Visitor Space $25.00
Failure to Pay PG / SG $25.00
Vehicle occupied two spaces $25.00
Interfering with access control $25.00
Blocking Right Of Way
Parked in a Fire lane $50.00
Parked in Crosswalk $50.00
License Plates Illegal,Obscured $50.00
Misuse of Viking Card $30.00

Current towing charges are approximately $150.00 plus eight percent tax per incident. Daily storage fees for the impound lot are $15.00 plus eight percent tax on the total amount of storage including Saturdays and Sundays.