Why SigEp?

SigEp prides itself on building strong chapters that support our mission of building balanced men and serve the ideals of their institution. SigEp was recognized as one of the premier student organizations at CSU back in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. We welcome men who seek to better themselves and the campus community and plan on continuing our legacy of excellence at Cleveland State.

We live up to our commitment of offering a non-hazing non-pledging member development experience, called the Balanced Man Program, designed to enrich the man, the fraternity, the university and the community. The Balanced Man Program has distinguished SigEp as the leader of the Greek world and has produced thousands of incredibly successful alumni.

We recruit men who have vision and a desire to improve themselves with an association with other success-oriented individuals. We realize that together, we can encourage one another to strive for excellence in all walks of life.

We are always looking for men who want to be a part our brotherhood, which is why we recruit year-round. If you are interested in learning more about our chapter, please contact us.


Sound Body & Athletics
To achieve balance in college, our members must learn how to live a healthy lifestyle. SigEp provides programming that challenges members build healthy habits for a lifetime. Maintaining a sound body goes beyond workout programs for undergraduate members. It includes physical, nutritional, sexual and preventative health practices. The habit of maintaining a sound body can be developed during your undergraduate years to help you develop a healthy lifestyle through graduation and beyond.

The balanced man ideal, by its very nature, appeals to many student athletes. SigEp has a history of both intramural success and involvement in varsity athletics at Cleveland State, including several members of the CSU Hall of Fame.


Sound Mind
Sigma Phi Epsilon subscribes to the ancient Greek belief that the mind is central to humanity and that the body serves as a vessel for the mind, and thus the exercise of both is necessary for a balanced life.

Developing a sound mind means living a lifestyle that allows you to expand and challenge your mind both inside and outside of the classroom. This includes developing habits that keep your mind healthy, avoiding stress and depression.

Sound mind programming goes beyond study hours and tutors. It challenges you to look for learning experiences outside of the classroom and to find unique and innovative ways to continually stimulate yourself and others intellectually.

While academic success and mentoring are important to the support system fraternities provide, sound mind programming extends well beyond that. Sound mind programming, can include: time and stress management techniques, reading clubs, tutoring sessions, scholarship help, fantasy academics, graduate school exam prep, and much more.

These programs will help set you up for success not only during your collegiate experience, but also during your professional life after college. Younger chapter members often need to learn skills like time management and academic success, while older members can focus on becoming lifelong learners to set themselves up for success both personally and professionally in their life after college.


In life there are “leaders” and then there are “those who lead.” Leaders hold positions. Those who lead inspire others to do great things. College campuses are filled with students who hold positions but lack the skills to inspire others to do great things. Through SigEp’s leadership programming, our members can gain the skills to inspire others to do great things. Doing so also increases the presence of SigEp leaders across campus that are making a difference in student organizations and academic colleges.


Service Learning
Service learning is a way for students to offer service to the community, while contributing to what they learn in the classroom.  It integrates meaningful community service with experiential learning to encourage lifelong civic engagement and strengthen communities for the common good. 

Time spent giving back to the community is often one of the most rewarding experiences of being in SigEp.  Giving back to those in need can create lasting memories, and offers a lot to feel good about.  Service learning projects also present something tangible to point to, showing the impact that an individual— and a fraternity— can have on the world.

SigEp is committed to promoting service learning opportunities to undergraduate brothers.  Through service to the community and follow-up discussion and reflection, brothers develop a better understanding of themselves, their community and the need to serve.


A Lifetime Bond: Brotherhood

Going SigEp has benefits stretching far past your college experience. Recruiters know that the fraternity experience prepares a person for a life full of leadership and involvement.

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We are always looking for men who want to be a part our brotherhood, which is why we recruit year-round. If you are interested in learning more about our chapter, please contact us.

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