Nicholas Korta

VP of Programming:
Troy Kind

VP of Recruitment:
Zachary Harris

VP of Member Development:
Tim Kuhn

VP of Finance:
Anthony DiSabato

VP of Communications:
Frederick Kreiger

VP of Res. Learning:
Jordan Funk

Martin Barnard

Balanced Man Chair:
Hunter Kiper

Sound Body Chair:
William Donzella

Sound Mind Chair:
Stephen Matz

Christian Bishop

Oliver Ellis

John Eppich

Dallas Gantz

Louis Iaquinto

Keegan Jones

Ariel Kaler

Kevin Kerchenski

Thomas Koziorynsky

Michael Meaney

Nicholas Molchan

John Seifert

Brandon Sgobbo

Jaret Steiber

Zachary Stewart

Richard Willis


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We are always looking for men who want to be a part our brotherhood, which is why we recruit year-round. If you are interested in learning more about our chapter, please contact us.

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