Cleveland State University

Faculty Senate

December 7, 2005

I. Approval of the Agenda
II. Approval of the Minutes of the November 9, 2005 Meeting
III.University Curriculum Committee
IV.University President’s Report
V. New Business

PRESENT: Atherton, Berlin Ray, W. Bowen, Doerder, Duffy, Ekelman, Gao, Gelman, V. George, Govea, Hansman, B. Hoffman, Jeffres, L. Keller, Loovis, McCahon, J. Moore, N. Nelson, Poznanski, Rom, Sawicki, Slane, M. K. Smith, Sparks, Spicer, Steinberg, Visocky-O’Grady, Weyman, Ziolek.

Bufford, Droney, Mearns, L. Patterson, M. Schwartz.

ABSENT: Bauer, A. Benander, J. Dean, Dobda, Dougherty, Falk, Forte, Gorla,M. Kaufman, S. Kaufman, LaGrange, Lehfeldt, Martins, K. Mason, McClain, O’Neill, D. Shah, J. Webb.

C. Alexander, Barlow, Boyle, Dillard, Hanniford, Heinrich, Humer, Kuo, Lopresti, Margolius, McLoughlin, Mills, L. Mooney, Nuru-Holm, Pereces, L. E. Reed, Rosentraub, Sadlek, M. Saunders, Scherer, A. Shah, Spiker,G. Thornton, Tumeo.

Senate President Sheldon Gelman called the meeting to order at approximately 3:10 P.M.

Senate President Gelman introduced Ms. Marcia Bufford, the third student representative to Faculty Senate.

I. Approval of the Agenda

Acceptance of the Agenda for December 7, 2005 was moved by Professor Rodger Govea, seconded by Professor Eileen Berlin Ray, and approved.

II. Approval of the Minutes of the November 9, 2005 Meeting

Senate President Gelman noted several corrections to page 4 of the November 9, 2005 Minutes as follows: Paragraph 2, line 2, the word “Cleavelend” is misspelled. The correct spelling is “Cleaveland.” Paragraph 2, second to last line, delete the words, “all over.” Paragraph 4, second line, the name “Pallco” is misspelled. The correct spelling is “Palko.”

Acceptance of the Minutes of the November 9, 2005 meeting as corrected was then moved by Professor Paul Doerder and seconded by Professor Barbara Hoffman. The Minutes as corrected were approved unanimously.

Senate President Gelman noted that Professor Peter Meiksins, chair of the University Curriculum Committee, was unable to be at Senate today. Professor Mieko Smith, a member of the UCC, will present the Committee’s proposals.

III. University Curriculum Committee

A. Proposed 2 + 2 Agreement between Cuyahoga Community College and Cleveland State University – College of Science, Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences (Report No. 3, 2005-2006)

Dr. Mieko Smith reported that the University Curriculum Committee recommends approval of a proposed 2 + 2 Agreement between Cuyahoga Community College and Cleveland State University, College of Science, Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences. This proposal was just approved by the faculty of the College of Science yesterday. Dr. Smith noted that Dr. Bette Bonder, Associate Dean, College of Science, and Dr. Beth Ekelman, Health Sciences, are available to respond to any questions senators might have about the proposal.

Professor Bill Bowen stated that Professor Peter Meiksins’ memo in the meeting packet dated October 28, 2005 says that he referred the proposal to the Academic Steering Committee. Professor Bowen asked whether the proposal went through the Academic Steering Committee. Dr. Mieko Smith confirmed that the proposed 2 + 2 Agreement between Cuyahoga Community College and Cleveland State University was presented to the Academic Steering Committee. The only thing that was missing was the approval by the faculty in the College of Science but that has been taken care of.

Senate President Gelman noted that we have a motion by the University Curriculum Committee to approve the proposed 2 + 2 Agreement between Cuyahoga Community College and Cleveland State University. Professor Rodger Govea seconded the motion. Professor Gelman asked Senators to vote. The proposed 2 + 2 Agreement was approved unanimously.

B. Proposed New Undergraduate Minor in Business (Report No. 4, 2005-2006)

Dr. Mieko Smith reported that the UCC’s second proposal is a proposed new Undergraduate Minor in Business. She explained that this new minor consists of two tracks. One is a cross-functional business track with 19 credit hours and the second is a flexible track with a minimum of 18 credits.

Dr. Rodger Govea asked to clarify for himself that this is just a general business minor.

Professor W. Benoy Joseph, Associate Dean, College of Business, confirmed this proposal is a general business minor directed to non-business students.

Dr. Govea noted then that the proposal is targeted toward people in other colleges.

Professor Joseph replied that they want to expose these other students to business.

There being no further questions or discussion, Senate President Sheldon Gelman asked Senate members to vote on the proposal. The proposed new Undergraduate Minor in Business was unanimously approved.

IV. University President’s Report

President Michael Schwartz reported that there was a bad accident on campus about ten days ago at the construction site of the new East Garage in which a worker was killed. OSHA continues to investigate that accident. The newspapers reported that the contractors have had violations in years past. President Schwartz continued stating that when we hire a contractor, part of the proposal that the contractors have to make speaks to possible violations of all kinds, affirmative action violations, OSHA violations – there is a whole long list. The contractor in this case is a company in Akron called Thomarios. They had no violations in the last four years. We don’t get the same information about past subcontractor violations from our general contactor. The point of this all being is that we still haven’t received a definite answer about what happened on that job. We have done our due diligence with regard to the contractor and we are not concerned about that but we are very concerned about the loss of life of anybody on this campus including any kind of work here. So it was more than a difficult week. President Schwartz said that from his point of view, he struggled with this a lot. Once that construction fence goes up, that site belongs to the contractor and we have to ask permission to go on the site. He went on to say that somebody died at Cleveland State and that is the fact and that is a shame even if it is no fault of ours.

President Michael Schwartz reported that this has been a good term; at least most indications say that it has been a good term. Students seem content with us and have come back in fairly large numbers for the spring term. The strategic planning process at this institution is going very well. Professor Sue Hill has been masterful in negotiating the planning and she has been nothing short of brilliant in the work that she has done and things are going the way they ought to go at a university. We have good faculty and good students and they are paying attention to each other. You can’t ask for much more than that.

Professor Valerie George inquired, in view of the person that died in the East Garage accident, is there anything that the university is supposed to do? Is there to be a memorial or will there be a sign or plaque posted? President Schwartz responded that we probably will consider that after we know exactly what happened and where the responsibility lies.

Professor George said that she wasn’t really talking about responsibility so much because she knows responsibility lies somewhere. President Schwartz said that we’ll deal with that when we know where the responsibility lies.

President Schwartz reported that the University is still running in the black and we will be open for the second semester. We are taking one day at a time.

V. New Business

Senate Secretary Jennifer Visocky-O’Grady noted that as the co-chair of the Uniting to Share campaign, she just wanted to remind everyone that now is the time to pledge your dollars to the campaign. Those monies can be delegated to the United Way Services, to Community Shares, and also can go to Earth Shares of Ohio and there are a number of specific organizations within those groups that you can donate to if you want to give in one direct area or monies can be divided evenly. Also, the President’s holiday gathering is tomorrow afternoon, Thursday, December 8, 2005 in Mather Mansion and there will be a silent auction as well. It has been a tough time of year and lots of requests for donations coming out everywhere, but this is a really important thing so we ask for your participation.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at approximately 3:45 P.M.

Jennifer Visocky-O’Grady
Faculty Senate Secretary





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