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Faculty Workshops

The CTE offers a wide variety of workshops intended to help faculty improve their instructional practices. A list of workshops for the current academic year appears below. In addition to the regularly scheduled topics and dates, workshops can often be provided to interested groups of faculty upon request. If you would like to explore this option, please contact Dr. Wm. Beasley at 216.687-5583.

Improving instruction series
#1 October 4 Preparing to teach a college course
#2 October 18 Understanding yourself as a teacher/understanding your students
#3 November 1 Defining your aims and outcomes
#4 November 8 Planning appropriate learning activities
#5 November 13 Constructing a syllabus
#6 November 29 Meeting a class for the first time
#8 February 19 Simple classroom assessment techniques
#9 March 18 Using Classroom Discussion
#10 April 1 Creating an Emotionally Safe Classroom Environment
#11 April 8 Moving beyond lecture and discussion
#12 April 15 Creating and Using Rubrics
#13 April 29 Evaluating and Grading

General education skills series (in partnership w/ Office of Undergrad Studies)
October 2 Critical Thinking
October 9 Quantitative Literacy
October 16 Writing
October 23 Oral communication
October 30 Information literacy
November 6 Group work

Engaged Learning workshops (in partnership w/ Office of Undergrad Studies)
September 11
(session 1 of 2)
How to Promote Faculty-Student Engagement in Large Class Settings
November 27 (session 2 of 2) Creating an Environment of Faculty-Student Engagement in Large Classes
March 25  Supplemental Instruction & Structured Learning Assistance

Academic career skills workshops
November 20  Preparing for Promotion and Tenure
March 1 Preparing a Dossier for Promotion

Other workshops
March 6 Podcasting & using audio files for instruction (at request of Department of Modern Languages)


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