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Laptop Computers kept in CTE are intended for the short-term use of faculty for classroom presentation. This usually involves from one to four or five classes. Faculty members may be asked to return laptops between classes if there is need for there use in the interim. To request a laptop call CTE at extension 5502. To pick up a laptop come to BU 321.

Because there is a limited number of laptops, they are not available for other uses, including research, off-campus presentation, or long-term use for on-campus classroom presentation. These uses are often accommodated by equipment available through colleges or departments.If special software, which is not standard on CTE laptops is needed by a faculty member, CTE will load or assist in loading that software as long as it is not incompatible with the laptop's operating system and as long as it does not require an unduly large amount of disk space or system memory to operate. Non-standard software will be removed after the loan period.

Faculty may store files on a laptop during the loan period. These files should be removed before the laptop is returned.

It is recommended that faculty schedule a laptop at least several days before it is needed and pick it up a day or two before its first intended use. This will make it possible to run through the planned classroom use in advance of class meetings. CTE staff will assist in setting up the computer and checking it out as needed. If a campus network connection will be needed in a classroom, CTE will verify that the connection is active or arrange for it to be activated if necessary. Activation requires no less than two weeks and sometimes more, so faculty are encouraged to request a check of their classroom well in advance. Laptop check-out times will provide up to 48 hours in advance of use for the faculty member to prepare the laptop and 4 working hours after the use for its return. If several consecutive uses are required which make return between uses impractical, a return date will be set at the end of the multiple use period.

The following information is needed when reserving a laptop:

Required: first and last name, CSU ID number, e-mail address, office number, office phone, date needed, date of return, department, course, course time, course bldg & room, whether network is required

Requested as applicable: home phone, department contact, contact phone, special software, accessories.

Laptops will be checked on return. If there has been any damage during the check-out period or if the laptop is lost or stolen, the person or his/her department will assume responsibility for the cost to repair or replace it. The signature of a responsible person is required when a laptop is picked up.

For classroom projection of information from the laptop, faculty must obtain a projector from their college or department or reserve one in advance from Instructional Media Services (IMS).

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