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Faculty Handbook (version 1.2)

[Version 1.0 approved September 30, 2011 by the Academic Steering Committee of Faculty Senate]

This document is intended to serve as a general resource for all faculty members in all units at Cleveland State University, bringing together from many different sources information needed to carry out a variety of faculty activities.

It was created in 2011 with the approval of the Faculty Senate, and will be revised periodically as needed. Dr. Christopher A. Mallett assembled this information for the CSU Center for Teaching Excellence, under the supervision of Dr. William Beasley. Please report any errors to Dr. Beasley:

Cleveland State University Faculty Handbook (click download pdf version)pdf version

This Faculty Handbook is intended for use as a general reference for faculty and is not the official source of University policies or guidelines. Academic policies and guidelines are primarily from two other sources the Faculty Senate Bylaws and the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) Collective Bargaining Agreement. The Handbook is not intended to be definitive on policy matters, nor does it grant or deny substantive contractual rights to University employees. Nothing contained herein shall negate the right of the University to augment or change its policies applicable to University employees. If you have questions or concerns about a particular issue, consult with your department chair/school director, Dean's Office, and/or the Human Resources Development and Labor Relations Department. You can obtain from these sources the most recent copy of relevant University policy.

Every faculty member's situation is unique different disciplines, different departments, different Colleges yet there are many commonalities across the University. The purpose here is to present information relevant to faculty across the University and to lead you to further sources of information.

  1. Cleveland State University’s Mission
  1. Cleveland State University Organization and Structure
    1. Organization chart
    2. Colleges/School
    3. College of Graduate Studies
    4. Campus map
  1. Shared Governance
    1. Faculty Senate
    2. American Association of University Professors (AAUP)
  1. Faculty
    1. Tenured
    2. Non-tenured
    3. Part-time
  1. Faculty Rights and Responsibilities
    1. Values
    2. Duties
    3. Academic freedom
    4. Tenure and promotion
    5. Employee benefits
    6. Grievance procedures
    7. Professional Development Plans/Faculty Annual Activity Report (FAAR FAAR)
    8. Graduate faculty membership
    9. Travel policies and procedures
    10. Faculty leaves
    11. Outside employment and consulting
    12. Faculty profiles
  1. Faculty Development Opportunities
    1. Faculty start-up funds
    2. Research and development funds
    3. Professional development funds
    4. Grant writing support
    5. Graduate assistants
  1. Faculty Resources
    1. Libraries
    2. Center for Teaching Excellence
    3. Student assistance
    4. International studies (Fulbright Scholars)
    5. CampusNet
    6. Campus directory
    7. Campus mailbag
    8. Email
    9. Information Systems and Technology (IS&T)
    10. Integrated Media Systems and Services (IMMS)
    11. Campus 411
    12. Viking Card/Viking Cash
    13. Security and access cards
    14. Commuting/Parking
    15. Recreation Center/Fitness for Life Program
  1. University Policies
    1. Intellectual property
    2. Institutional Review Board (IRB)
    3. Addressing student problems
    4. Emergency campus closings (emergency alert system)
    5. Program review and assessment
    6. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  1. Non-traditional Teaching
    1. eLearning (online and hybrid courses)
    2. IVDL/Distance technology
  1. Changes to this handbook after initial distribution
    1. Version 1.1: January 24, 2012
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