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Faculty Development Opportunities

Faculty Start-up Funds

New faculty members are normally provided "start up" funds to assist in and support research/scholarship/creative activity planning and outcomes. The dollar amounts of these funds vary by College though they normally include the first two (2) to three (3) years of pre-tenure professorship. Explicit dollar amounts are provided in a faculty member's hiring letter of intent. The funds use is flexible and can support a variety of activities, such as the hiring of a research assistant, outside statistical analysis consultation, conference presentation of scholarly and creative efforts, or lab materials. You should consult with the Department Chair or School Director for the most appropriate use of these funds.

Research and Development Funds

Undergraduate Studies Engaged Learning Proposals

Each year, budget permitting, the Provost's Office, under the direction of the Vice-Provost for Academic Programs (, provides funding for undergraduate student research and creative achievement. A Request for Proposals will be released directing faculty as to how to apply for these grants (for example, The purpose of this program is to provide undergraduate students an engaged learning experience that involves intellectual inquiry and faculty mentoring. Projects from any department or discipline are welcome. Proposed activities must provide a genuine research or creative achievement experience for current undergraduate student(s) and faculty mentors must be active participants in the student experience.

Office of Research and Graduate Studies

The Mission of the Office of Research and Graduate Studies (; organizational chart available at is to encourage and provide support mechanisms for the acquisition of knowledge, for the dissemination of this knowledge, for the acquisition of extramural funding and for the development of the next generation of scholars. To accomplish that Mission, the Office advocates for research and graduate education oversees graduate programs (, serves faculty in advancing their scholarly pursuits, implements research integrity requirements, and manages the administration of research grants and contracts (Office of Sponsored Programs and Research, This Office provides guidance and resources to faculty, students and administrators, as well as strategic coordination of programs, policies and initiatives across the University. The Office also has oversight of activities related to technology commercialization, along with business and industry outreach.

Professional Development Funds

Teaching Enhancement Awards Program

Each year, budget permitting, the Center for Teaching Excellence provides funding designed to support course development and to improve instruction and student learning at the University ( All full-time, tenured or tenure-track faculty are eligible to apply, with preference given to first-time applicants. Application deadlines are normally in November. These awards are to promote specific activities related to student engagement, instructional improvement, and the enhancement of student learning outcomes, thus promoting faculty innovation and creativity in teaching. Funding of new technologies is prioritized, but innovative proposals for utilizing traditional technologies are also encouraged.

Faculty Professional Development Funds

Each year, depending on Contract agreements, bargaining unit faculty members receive annual professional development funds that can be used for a variety of activities scholarly or creative activity presentations (including travel, lodging, registration, etc.), conference attendance, research and scholarship development expenses, etc. Bargaining unit faculty members currently receive $1,250 annually. These funds, however, need not be used during the contract year they are received, for they are cumulative up to a maximum of $5,000 (in other words, up to $3,750 can be "rolled over").

Grant Writing Support

Graduate Grant Writing Center

The Graduate Grant Writing Center ( enhances student and faculty research, collaboration, and learning by providing opportunities, partnership and support services for scholarly writing and for grant and funding prospects. Through individual consultations, workshops/mini-courses, electronic resources, web site links, peer and faculty mentoring, the center provides education and resources to assist student scholars and researchers at all levels of experience to develop competitive grant proposals to fund scholarly and research endeavors. The Center will create interdisciplinary collaborations across the university and the community at large, supporting initiatives pertaining to grant submission and scholarly writing.

Office of Sponsored Programs and Research

The Office of Sponsored Programs and Research (OSPR) assists the CSU academic and administrative communities in meeting the University's research and creative activities goals ( While working to foster relationships with Federal, state, foundation, and corporate sponsors, OSPR advances those University research, training, and service activities promulgated by faculty. The Office recommends a number of grant proposal writing supports, including "The Proposal Writer's Short Course" (, "Grant Writing Suggestions" (, and the Congressional Research Service's "How to Develop and Write a Grant Proposal" (

The Writing Center

The Writing Center ( is available to faculty. The Center offers writing support and editing by experienced professionals, and can offer valuable assistance in writing, organizing, and editing grant proposals and other written works

Graduate Assistants

The University provides two types of graduate assistantships: teaching and research/professional development. Each type provides the student with opportunities to develop professionally while providing service to the University and faculty member. The research/professional graduate assistants assist the faculty and/or staff members in conducting research or performing activities relevant to their degree program. These are assigned to faculty or staff who are working in a variety of different areas to extend the students' research experience and professional development. The teaching graduate assistants assist departments in carrying out undergraduate instructional programs. Teaching assistants aid faculty members in assembling classroom materials, leading class discussion groups, supervising laboratory sessions, tutoring, evaluating student performance, and carrying out other related instructional activities.

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