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Funding for Undergraduate & Graduate Students

These pages provide you with access to funding opportunities for scholarship, fellowships, internship, traineeship, research, study abroad, and project funding. Since web pages are updated and eliminated, from time to time, some information may change or disappear.

Feel free to copy information, unless otherwise indicated on the link. Also you may link to this sight or distribute its information to your friends, department, and other contacts.

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CSU Links - Funding and Student Information

External Sites

  • Grants to Individuals:  Michigan State University’s Library provides many funding links for students and others (Jon Harrison : Page Editor).
  • Fellowship Notebook: Cornell University site offering fellowship/research/etc.links.
  • GradFunding Guide: University of Houston, College of Arts & Science compilation.
  • Grad Research Grants: Duke University page offering a compendium of opportunities.
  • Community of Science Funding Opportunities Database (RefWorks/COS): This database can be used to identify additional funding opportunities in science, arts, and humanities.
  • Foundation Grants to Individuals Online : You can purchase your own subscription or come to Sponsored Programs and Research Services to access it on campus. The database includes over 6,000 foundations and public charities that fund individual grantseekers and is searchable by nine different criteria. Updated quarterly.
  • ENotes Scholarships and Loans Directory : A database comprising over 7, 000 scholarships, grants, loans, prizes, and fellowships. Enotes users can access about 4,000 scholarships by type of school, gender, field of study and special recipient criteria or browse by state/province using the links provided.
  • IEEE Foundation Educational Programs, Scholarships, Fellowships & Student Grants : IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.) Foundation advances the core purpose of the institute which is supporting excellent technological innovations for the benefit of humanity. To fulfill its role, the IEEE Foundation awards grants to new and innovative projects and administers more than 125 donor designated funds that support a variety of educational, humanitarian, historical preservation, and peer recognition programs of IEEE.

Grants for Special Populations

Federal Opportunities

  • US government web site designed for college students and their families. This site provides you access to information and resources from the US government. Through, you can link to government (and selected non-government) web sites to help you:
    • Choose the right college
    • Apply online for financial aid and scholarships
    • Find summer internships or jobs
    • Learn about careers that interest you
    • Tap into government research databases
    • Get a passport
    • Find rewarding volunteer opportunities
    • Many other services
    • Graduate Students Funding Information
  • Federal Fellowships/Research Funding: from
  • Federal Scholarships/Grants: from
  • USAJOBS - STUDENTJOBS: Additional Opportunities for Students encompasses Jobs, Internships, Scholarships, Fellowships, Grants, and Apprenticeships within the Federal Government linking to the educational opportunities available to students high school through doctorate level and career professionals
  • Department of Education Financial Aid Office: Direct link to the FAFSA and important federal financial aid data
  • National Academies: Dissertation, postdoctoral, and other fellowship programs for advanced study in research-based disciplines

State of Ohio Funding Opportunities

  • Ohio Board of Regents: The Board of Regents web site links you to financial aid information, fellowships and scholarships available through their programs.

Study Abroad

More SiteSeeing

  • Colleges, College Scholarships and Financial Aid Page: This page is a mega-site which provides, through searches, information on college scholarships, financial aid, and more.
  • Collegeboard’s finding aid for scholarships and financial aid.
  • CollegeNet Mach25: database with over 600,00 awards.
  • DMOZ Grants: This is a great web site listing foundations and other funders that provide assistance to students for research, scholarships, and discipline-specific aid.
  • FastWeb: Another mega-site that finds aid, colleges, scholarships, etc.
  • FinAid: One more mega-site that offers loan, scholarship, and other aid to students both American and International.
  • The Foundation Center's Aid to Students: The Foundation Center’s students pages, contains a link for international students as well.
  • General Education Online: General Education Online is part of It is a free, worldwide database higher education providing links for students and researchers.
  • Contact Pre-Awards Services

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