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       Area(s) of Expertise & Contact Information

    William Bowen

    Office: Urban Studies, UB107
    Phone: (216) 687-9226
    E-mail:  *
    Area(s) of Expertise: Data Envelopment Analysis, High Performance Computing and Communication, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Environmental Protection Agency, Sustainable Development

    Kenneth Dunegan

    Office: Management & Labor Relations, BU 442
    Phone: *(216) 687- x4735
    E-mail: *
    Area(s) of Expertise: Factor analysis, ANOVA, Regression, Attitude surveys

    Miron Kaufman

    Office: *Physics, SI 116
    Phone: (216) 687- 2436/2425
    E-mail:  *
    Area(s) of Expertise: Entropic concepts in social sciences, Regression, Statistical Physics, Monte Carlo simulations

    Sanda Kaufman

    Office: Urban Studies, UB 119A
    Phone: (216) 687- 2367
    Area(s) of Expertise: Contact Dr Kaufman re: expertise

    Luiz Felipe Martins

    Office: Mathematics, RT 1508
    Phone: *(216) 687- 7165
    E-mail:  *
    Area(s) of Expertise: Optimization of industrial systems & simulations

    Kimberly Neuendorf

    Office: Communications, MU 241
    Phone: *(216) 687- 3994
    Area(s) of Expertise: Multidimensional scaling, Content analysis: textIMAGES, Cluster analysis, Multivariate analyses

    Peter Poznanski

    Office: *Accounting, BU 529
    Phone: *(216) 687- 4764
    Area(s) of Expertise: Structural equation modeling questionnaires, Factor analysis, Model comparisons

    Samuel Richmond

    Office: Philosophy First College, CB 262
    Phone: *(216) 687- 3776
    Area(s) of Expertise: Causality, Bayesian inference, Simplicity

    Stephen Slane

    Office: Psychology, CB 103
    Phone: *(216) 687- 2525
    Area(s) of Expertise: Design of experiments, Problem conceptualization, Instrumentation, Multivariate statistics, Surveys

    Chung-Yi Suen

    Office: *Mathematics, RT 1505
    Phone: *(216) 687- 7163
    Area(s) of Expertise: Design of experiments, Mathematical statistics, Probability

    Allan Taub

    Office: Economics, RT 1719
    Phone: *(216) 687- 4528
    Area(s) of Expertise: Econometrics

*Mentor's preferred method of contact
engaged learning
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