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We want your help! In the SHS program, we want to use your specific strengths to help you help our cause, rather than as you to do something which you might be uncomfortable with. If you are great with people, you may be asked to go into classroom and give short presentation sot student and faculty members. If you love to write, you may be able to take on a creative writing aspect where you will work directly with University Marketing and gain real-world experience. Are you a computer person? There is a place for you too! This is a real-world marketing and campaign, and it takes all kinds of people to make it work.

Students have busy lives, and we understand that. In fact, itís one of the reasons that we launched this program. Although we WILL have mandatory monthly meetings, and two major events during the coming academic year (at which your attendance will be required) we will work with you to make the best schedule for everyone!

Whatís in it for you? Itís an internship! This means that you can used the credits youíre earning toward your degree! You will gain a great deal of practical, real world experience working with Advancement and Marketing professionals that can help you get ahead of the game! Also, you will know that you are working to build community and change the culture at CSU. Help us today to engage Change!

Click here to download and print our application/questionnaire.

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