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You may be asking yourself: Why? Because…

Only 5% of Cleveland State students actually live on campus. This makes Cleveland State a little different from most universities in that community involvement with peers and philanthropy are not as prevalent as they could be. Or should be.

HOWEVER, More than 90% of CSU students rely on loans and scholarships to cover the cost of their education. Often, students working full or part-time jobs are forced to drop in and out of school as funds become available or are exhausted.

SHS is a campaign to engage students in a culture that will promote community involvement and philanthropy. We hope to help foster awareness, involvement, and interaction among peers, faculty, and staff at Cleveland State University.

Ultimately, the SHS campaign goal is to show students what it can be like to be part of a community and campaign that is larger than themselves. We hope to engage peers, faculty in staff, and members of the community in philanthropy, and discover what it can mean to give back to a worthy cause. Remember, the goal of SHS is to give back to a student who struggles financially, and has engaged in SHS activities, demonstrating to peers what real community and philanthropy consists of. Who might that be? It could mean YOU!

So give today, and help us to engage Change!

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