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Students Helping Students

Students Helping Students

Philanthropy: n. [fi-lan-thruh-pee]
goodwill toward fellowmen ; especially : active effort to promote human welfare.

Here’s the deal ...

Students Helping Students was initiated by Cleveland State students along with the Division of University Advancement. The University campaign was the initial inspiration. As students, we think that a sense of community at the University should not only be encouraged in the classroom, but in day-to-day life. So many students are overwhelmed by school, work, and finances, that the desire to become more engaged with fellow students and give back to the CSU community is rarely an option. With only 5% of students residing on campus, our great school lacks community and a culture of philanthropy. Since such an integral part of life is absent from the learning environment, one that helps to shape thousands of students in many ways each year, we hope that students will be encouraged not only to learn about such activities, but also to engage in them.

What is it?

Students Helping Students actively engages students in a culture of philanthropy through campus-wide marketing and through special events. Throughout the academic year, students will have the opportunity to make a change and take an active role in contributing both through giving of self and through financial means. Ultimately, our goal at the end of every academic year will be to award at least one SHS Scholarship to a student who suffers financially, and who has also demonstrated to peers what philanthropy truly is with their involvement with or contribution to SHS!

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