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Preparing a Common Theme Option Report


Nominations for review of several units based on a common theme can originate through the following sources: College and University Curriculum Committees, Senate Committees, Deans, the Provost, or other non-academic units on campus. These nominations should be forwarded to the Provost with a detailed rationale for the request and a list of all programs affected by the review. Where possible, include letters of interest from the affected programs.

The Provost will consult with all programs involved and seek input prior to including a theme-based review on the official program review schedule. This type of review needs to be approved by the Provost based on the recommendation of the Deans of the Colleges in which the program resides and the Vice Provost (PAIRM).

Review Process and Scheduling

Like a traditional self-study, the common theme report should include a well developed report that contains a table of contents, introduction, body, summary, and appendices. This report will be evaluated by a Program Review Committee in the same manner as a traditional self-study. The policies and procedures that pertain to the scheduling, development and of evaluation of self-study material of traditional CSU program reviews will apply to common theme reviews as well.

See procedural details listed under the traditional option in the Program Review Handbook for information about the following topics: Establishing Program Review Committees, Program Review Committee Proceedings, Faculty Senate Review of Self-studies and Program Review Committee’s Findings, and Follow-up to Program Review.

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