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Orientation Meeting for Units Selected for Self-Study

The Vice Provost for PAIRM and the Director of Institutional Research will offer a half-day orientation session for all program chairs/directors and coordinators for the units selected to undergo Program Review. The orientation meeting will be held in April or May (pending scheduling) in order to provide ample time for the preparation of self-study reports due by the end of October.

The orientation sessions create an opportunity for learning about the University Program Review process and how to use it effectively to advance the goals of each program. The Vice Provost for PAIRM will explain the types of activities, information needs, and deadlines involved in successfully completing a review. During this session program chairs/directors and coordinators will benefit from hearing about the issues and concerns of their colleagues who are also preparing self-studies. Units undergoing review form self-study teams comprised of 3 to 4 members including chairs, directors and other full-time faculty.

A dataset containing institutionally collected information on the programs being reviewed will be assembled by the Office of Institutional Research & Analysis to provide information about enrollment, majors, productivity, resources available, past assessments and reviews. Final data for the current spring term will be provided approximately 30 days after the end of the term. During the orientation session, attendees will have opportunities to review their data and ask questions about it. The program chairs/directors and coordinators will also be able to request new reports or existing reports in different formats at any time leading up to the submission of the self-study.

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