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Selecting Program Review Committee Members

The Vice Provost for Planning, Assessment and Information Resource Management (PAIRM) will notify Department Chairs and Deans of upcoming program reviews and will provide information regarding program review processes, procedures, and guidelines by April 15.

Subsequently, the Vice Provost (PAIRM) will submit a request to the Deanís offices, UCC, Graduate Council, and the Graduate Dean to identify Program Review Committee members according to guidelines specified below.

Each undergraduate college shall establish a Program Review Committee consisting of four to six faculty members. The membership of this committee will be composed of the following members:

  • 1 - Member representing UCC
  • 1 - Appointee of the College Curriculum Committee
  • 1 - Appointee of the Dean of the Undergraduate College
  • 1 - Elected member of the Graduate Council (for programs with graduate components)
  • 1 - Appointee of the Dean of Graduate College (for programs with graduate components)
  • External consultant(s)
    One external consultant will be selected for units with programs without any external accreditation. Two external consultants will be selected for units with doctoral or other programs with sufficient diversity in their specialized offerings. The external consultant will provide a written report to the committee but is not a voting member of the committee.

The chair of the Program Review Committee is elected by the committee members. The Dean of the Graduate College and Graduate Council will be encouraged to appoint members from outside the program and college being reviewed but within the University.

Names of individuals nominated for the Program Review Committee need to be submitted by the College Dean to the Vice Provost (PAIRM) by October 30. Nominations should be submitted electronically to the Vice Provost (PAIRM) using the Nomination Table Template.

Nomination Table Template
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