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Process for Providing Feedback on Program Review Findings

The final reports from the Program Review Committee and the External Consultant will be forwarded to the Vice Provost for Academic Planning. After reviewing the documents, the Vice Provost will forward the reports to the Chair or Director for comments. After receiving these comments, the Vice Provost will then forward all documents to the appropriate Dean for review and comments.

UCC will receive the Program Review Committee Reports from the Vice Provost for Academic Planning for transmission to the Senate and in instances where reviewed programs have a graduate component these reports will be forwarded to Graduate Council as well. In transmitting these reports to the Senate, UCC should identify recommendations that require the approval of Senate committees and make recommendations as appropriate.

The purpose of forwarding these reviews to the Senate groups is to inform them of the findings and to seek their feedback. This can be accomplished by expanding on certain recommendations, supporting some initiatives, or suggesting a change in direction with others. The Graduate Council may also take into account the results of program reviews in its deliberations concerning graduate policies and direction of graduate education at CSU.

The feedback from UCC and Graduate Council should be no longer than 2 pages, focus on the review findings, and be prepared within two months of reviewing the Program Review Reports. This feedback should be forwarded to Vice Provost for Academic Planning.

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