Cleveland State University

McNair Scholars Program

Opportunities for McNair Scholars


  Undergraduate Summer Research Opportunities


  Multiple Disciplines / Locations
  Opportunity Disciplines/Area of research Description Last updated on
  National Science Foundation (NSF) - Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) STEM and other disciplines A complete database of NSF-REU sites. Search by research areas, states, disciplines. 11/20/2014
  Pathways to Science STEM   11/20/2014
  Research and training opportunities at NIH Biomedical   11/20/2014
  The Nucleus Physics & astronomy Searchable database 11/20/2014
  The Leadership Alliance All disciplines   11/20/2014
  Discipline Specific
  Opportunity Disciplines/Area of research Description Last updated on
  American Mathematical Society Math Searchable database 11/20/2014
  AMGEN Caltech Biological sciences and bio-engineering   11/20/2014


Biological sciences and bio-engineering   11/20/2014
  Boise State University Raptor research   11/20/2014
  Boston University (STaRS) Biomedical research African-American, Hispanic,  Native American/Native Alaskan, and Pacific Islander/Native Hawaiian 01/22/2015
  Boston University UROP     11/20/2014
  Caltech Student-Faculty Programs STEM   11/20/2014
  Case Western Reserve University - School of Medicine Various biomedical programs   01/24/2015
  Michigan State University SROP Biomedical, mathematics, physicis, engineering, integrative biology of social behaviors, and plant genomics   11/20/2014
  MIT Summer Research Program STEM Underrepresented minorities only 11/20/2014
  MUSC Bio-medical   11/20/2014

NASA Internships, Fellowships, and Scholarships


Purdue University
Department of Biochemistry

Molecular and Biochemical Analysis of Proteins   11/20/2014
  RISE - Research Internships in Science and Engineering STEM International summer research experiences 11/20/2014
  Roswell Park Cancer Institute (in association with University of Buffalo) Cancer science   11/21/2014
  Rutgers University Science and Engineering   11/20/2014
  Smithsonion Tropical Research Institute     11/20/2014
  UNCF Merck Science Initiative STEM African American students only 11/20/2014
  University of Arizona STEM   11/20/2014
  University of California Riverside All disciplines   11/20/2014
  University of California Santa Barbara All disciplines   02/02/2015
  University of Cincinnati (SUMR-UC Undergraduate Student) All disciplines   02/02/2015
  University of Delaware Agricultural and Natural Resources Sciences   11/20/2014
  University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Chemistry   11/20/2014
  University of Maryland - College of Behavioral and Social Science Behavioral and Social Sciences   11/21/2014
  University of Massachusetts Amherst Nanotechnology   11/21/2014
  University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center Cardiovascular research   01/17/2015
  University of Michigan SROP All disciplines   11/21/2014
  University of North Texas Civil Conflict Management and Peace Science   2/19/2015
  University of Notre Dame (NDNano Center) Nanotechnology based science and technology   01/22/2015
  University of Pennsylvania Bio-medical sciences   12/08/2014
  University of Pittsburgh Training and Experimentation in Computational Biology   01/17/2015
  University of South Florida Mental health research   11/21/2014
  University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Biomedical sciences   11/21/2014
  University of Texas at San Antonio College of Science   01/17/2015
  University of Wisconsin Madison     02/07/2015
  University of Wisconsin Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences   11/21/2014
  US Department of Homeland Security STEM disciplines   11/21/2014
  Vanderbilt Institute of Chemical Biology Chemical biology   11/21/2014
  Vanderbilt University Vanderbilt Institute for Nanoscale Science and Engineering   01/22/2015
  The Genome Institute at Washington University in St.Louis Genomic research   11/21/2014
  Winthrop University REU Bridging Applied and Theoretical Mathematics   01/10/2014


  Graduate student funding opportunities


  Graduate school funding exclusive for McNair scholars

  Institution Description Last updated on
  Florida International University FIU McNair Graduate Fellowship 03/11/2015
  Missouri State University McNair Graduate Assistantship 03/05/2015
  University of Cincinnati McNair Scholars Graduate Scholarship Award 01/29/2015
  University of Toledo McNair Graduate Scholar Award 01/29/2015

  Graduate school visitation opportunities


  Graduate schools that waive graduate school application fee for McNair scholars