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Office Phones

The Cleveland State University telephone system primarily supports digital display telephones known as NEC DT330 Series for office use. The telephone sets can be wall mounted if needed. The system also supports analog lines for other types of non-NEC voice communications equipment (i.e. Polycom conference phones and household cordless phones) . A brief description of standard phones is listed below. Please contact Telecommunications at 216-687-3881 or email for any special considerations.

Fax Services

Faxes may be sent to the Cleveland State University fax number:


Hours: Outgoing Messages – 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday

     Incoming Messages – 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

Location: Rhodes Tower 1012

If you have any questions or need more information, please call 216-687-3880.

Individual departments may purchase their own fax machines, that are not maintained by Cleveland State University Telecommunications. Telecommunications will provide the analog line services to the fax location, billable to the department. Please call 216-687-3881 or email to inquire about line installation.



The Office of Telecommunications provides for the communication needs of the University, both Campus Operator Service and System Administration-Business Office.

Operator Services are available Monday through Thursday from 7:45a.m. to 6:00p.m., Friday from 7:45a.m. to 5:00p.m. and every 1st and 3rd Saturday from 10:00a.m. to 1:00p.m.

This area offers:
    •  Operator assistance, local, long distance and international dialing codes
    •  Facsimile services for University departments
    •  Electronic directory database
    •  Faculty/Staff directory

For telephone repair service, call the Telephone Coordinator at 687-3880 or email Please provide all pertinent information:
       1. Your name
       2. CSU id number
       3. Department from which phone is located
       4. The extension number that is having the problem
       5. The location of the phone
       6. Give a detailed description of the problem you are having with you phone
       7. Contact number to be reached

FAX services are available from 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. for University Departments.

Revisions to the Faculty/Staff directory can be made on the quarterly update sheets provided to each department; send the requested change in writing to the Telephone Coordinator, Rhodes Tower 1012 or complete the Phone Directory Updates online form.


Telephone Ordering

Cleveland State University’s Telecommunications Department can provide flexible solutions to your office needs. All telephone change requests must come in writing from the budgetary person for your area via email request to


       • Type of telephone needed.
       • Any existing department numbers that need to be added to the new telephone set.
       • Jack number, if available.
       • If installing new jack, please give a location of where to install the jack.
       • Type of service on the line (campus only, local, long distance, international).
       • Indicate if any new voice messaging service is needed or if there should be change to existing service.
         See “Request Voice Messaging Service” for more information.
       • Name of the individual and department that will be using the telephone.
       • Directory updates that should be made as a result of the change.
       • Account number to bill the charges to (one-time installation and monthly recurring)

Please call 216-687-3881 to discuss any questions you may have regarding your service.



Installation of a new 12 button telephone set Install a new 12 button telephone set $210.00  
Installation of a new 24 button telephone set Install a new 24 button telephone set $230.00  
Installation of a new 12 button IP telephone set Install a new 12 button IP telephone set $290.00 IP telephone sets are used only in West Center, Middough Building, Cowell & Hubbard
Installation of a new telephone jack Installation/wiring of a new telephone jack $300.00 Submit the location in the room of where the new jack should be installed.
Installation of an analog line Install a new analog telephone line. Analog lines include: fax machines, modem lines, security lines, wall telephone sets (campus telephones) $90.00 Fax machine and modems are not provided by Telecommunications. Your department will need to purchase this equipment
Moving of telephones - new telephone location has an existing jack Move telephone(s) from one location to another $90.00 $90.00 charge is per phone being moved (i.e. if moving 2 phones, the charge would be $180.00) 
Upgrade telephone set Change telephone set from a 12 button to a 24 button set $160.00 Add additional lines on the telephone set to be picked up/viewed on the telephone
Wireless IP Cordless Telephone Set (Model 8440) Wireless IP cordless telephone $563.00 The charge for the wireless telephone includes: telephone, charger, two batteries and SIP Station License
Deletion of telephone set from department Remove telephone number and billing from department budget No Charge Telephone equipment is moved from the room. Telecommunications will pick up the telephone set from department location and return to inventory
Faceplate change Add/remove department telephone lines from a telephone set $15.00 Will add additional line appearances to be seen from the telephone set.
Change ringing of existing extentions on a telephone set When extensions appear on a telephone set, have the option to see red ight blinking on incoming call or also hear ringing of line No Charge If being completed for an entire department (at one time, $25.00 charge)
Change pick groups When a phone rings in you department (and line does not appear on telephone set), if in a pick group, can bring the call directly to your phone line No Charge Please specify all the extension numbers that should be included in the pick group
70' telephone cord Borrow a longer telephone cord for a short time period No Charge if temporary; $15.00 to keeep
Voice Mailbox - Standard Create an indivisual subscriber mailbox for an assigned telephone No Charge  
Port charge Monthly charge for telephone equipment $23.70 per set Port charge is for 12-button, 24-button, modem lines, fax machines, analog wall telephones, security lines, intercom systems
Phone Panel Insets - clear or wood grain Can change the side panels on your telephone set (12 button or 24 button) $25.00 per set
Univerge UC700 and MC550 Combines mobility, presence status, communication history, instant messaging, call control and voice services through desktop and smartphone applications $140.00 Customizeable feature based on user preferences. Training available at time of setup. For additional information, please contact Telecommunications at x3881.


Conferencing Call

There are two ways that conference calls can be initiated: through your desk phone for up to 3 callers or through an outside service with more than three callers.

For three callers, please click Conference Call with three callers

For more than three callers, please click Conference Call through outside service

If you need to order codes for using the outside service, please click Ordering Conference Calling Codes

Optional Conference Calling Equipment

If you have any questions about using the Conference Calling features, please contact Telecommunications at 687-3881.


Phone Guides

NEC Dterm Features

Desktop telephones within CSU office locations are generally either 12-button or 24-button digital telephone sets known as NEC DT-330 Series. Multiple telephone numbers can be made to appear on the telephone sets, along with several features. The digital display will provide call information and voice message status indication.

For detailed use of features, please see the Instruction Manual.

For a brief summary of features, please see the NEC DT-330 Telephone User Guide.


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