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Emergency Calling

Dialing 911

The University has been licensed to be a secondary PSAP (public safety answering point)

This means that 911 calls will go directly to CSU dispatch. The CSU phone system is set up to call dispatch when 911 or 8911 is dialed from any campus phone. In addition to that, all display phones are programmed with a ‘police’ button. Simply press this button with the receiver in the on-hook or off-hook position to reach CSU dispatch.

Cell phones in the general campus area will also reach CSU dispatch if 911 is dialed.

Emergency Phone Locations (Click here for locations)

CSU has emergency phones in strategic locations throughout the campus. They can be found on most street corners, parking facilities and building entrances. They can be identified by the blue illuminated courtesy light, which will flash upon activation. All emergency calls are directed to CSU dispatch.


Phone Identifiers

Campus telephones are programmed with a unique identifier which helps CSU dispatch find a caller quickly. For example RT-10-1010. The first part is the building, RT being Rhodes Tower in this example. The middle position is the floor number, 10th floor in the example, and the last position being the room. Room 1010 in this case.


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