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Information Services & Technology

Strategic Plan

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  Mission Statement
To provide CSU’s next generation technology solutions through collaborative, creative and strategic leadership. To commit to the highest quality information products and services that provide significant benefits to the university. To bring inspiration and innovation to every student and employee. To work in partnership with students, faculty and staff to reshape and transform lives.
    Last update 1/20/11

  Vision Statement
To have a comprehensive portfolio of quality, advanced solutions and services that transition to future generations of technologies. To nurture a collaborative network of customers and suppliers, enabling CSU to be visionary in a world of evolving processes, devices, networks and systems. To create an extraordinary CSU experience identifiably rich with strategic, technological innovations and solutions enabled by a highly effective, lean and responsive IS&T.
    Last update 1/20/11


Real People  integrity; honesty; straight talker; value diversity; creates a positive work environment; genuine; encourages challenge; develops individuals; works towards shared goals
Pride & Passion   spirit of “can do”; truly cares about success; creates a positive, stimulating and high performing work environment; recognizes accomplishments; takes initiative; personal commitment to department goals; high morale of CSU & IS&T
Promotes Change values innovation; builds networks and collaboration to achieve breakthroughs; recognizes the ideas of others; motivated to find new and better ways; recognizes innovative thinkers; accepts and manages risk
High Velocity acts decisively; clear and positive direction; delegates; flexible/adaptable; works collaboratively; overcomes organization barriers; rewards people who exceed; eliminates unnecessary activities; sense of urgency
Achieves Results takes ownership of delivery; a customer advocate; “whatever it takes”; sets realistic targets and delivers each time, every time; is proactive; customer’s “first choice”; non-defeatist attitude; promotes continuous improvement
    Last update 12/3/10

  Situation Analysis

      3.   CSU’s IT Advisory Task Force (Will post when published)
      5.   IS&T Organization Chart
      7.   IUC Shared Services Survey (Will post when published)
    Last update 1/20/11

  Issues - External

      1   State funding of 4 year universities
      2.   Technology advances
            a) Mobile computing
            b) Network/security
            c) Cloud computing
            d) Business intelligence
            e) Virtual desktop
            f) Social networks
      3.   IUC Shared Services initiative
      4.   Teaching and learning with technology
      5.   Infrastructure/cyber-infrastructure
      6.   Vendor-imposed infrastructure upgrades
    Last update 1/20/11

  Issues - Internal

      1.   ERP systems overhead – expensive
      2.   Disaster recovery/business continuity
      3.   eLearning systems
      4.   Grant Management System
      5.   eMail satisfaction
      6.   Faculty and staff remote access
      7.   Decision support systems
      8.   Replace PowerFAIDS
      9.   Age of wireless equipment on campus
    10.   Support of Apple devices
    11.   Web Content Management
    12.   Growth/explosion of data storage
    Last update 1/20/11


      1.   Develop an IT Strategic Plan - June 2011
      2.   Maintain a stable and secure IT environment - June 2011
      3.   Support the University Strategic Initiative
            a. PeopleSoft system changes to establish the School of Nursing – June 2011
            b. Migrate Blackboard eLearning system to a hosted solution – January 2011
            c. Implement Grants Management (Pre-award function) – June 2011
            d. Implement Grant Management (Post-award function) – December 2011
            e. Support Document Management – TBD
      4.   Improve and expand the University’s technology services
            a. Implement guest wireless – July 2010
            b. Implement VPN for remote access – October 2010
            c. Implement Phase I wireless upgrade – June 2011
    Last Update 8/2/10

       1. Value high performing staff members
       2.  Provide and maintain a secure computing environment
       3.  Identify, lead and facilitate technology advances
       4.  Enhance support for academic and research computing activities
       5.  Enhance support for faculty and teaching activities
       6.  Enhance support for student technology
       7.  Increase frequency of meeting with influential stakeholders
       8.  Build partnerships to meet university goals
       9.  Revitalize IS&T's internal marketing presence
    10.   Respond to change and contain IT costs
    11.  Organize for maximum performance, efficiency and effectiveness
    Last update 1/26/11


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