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Software Available

The Microsoft License Agreement covers a broad list of applications and operating system software. CSU has entered into the following contracts with Microsoft:

1)      CSU has entered into a Academic Student Select Agreement which is managed by the CSU Bookstore.  This program allows students, faculty and staff to purchase the following products at significant discounts.  Please contact the bookstore for availability or to find out if additional products are available..

a.  Office 2010 Pro Plus ($75)

b.  Office 2008 Mac Standard Mac ($65)

c.     Windows 7 Pro Upgrade (32 or 64 bit) ($35)

d.     Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade (32 or 64 bit) ($80)

e.     SharePoint Designer ($55)

f.      Visio 2010 Pro ($65)

g.      OneNote 2007 ($25)

h.      Project 2010 Pro ($125)

i.      Frontpage 2003 ($45)

CSU has entered into an Academic Select Agreement for University purchases of most Microsoft software including most application and server products.  Purchases will be done as follows:

a.       All computers purchased by the University are to be ordered with a current professional version operating system (ie: Windows XP Professional).

b.      The University will install Microsoft Office Professional, if needed, on new computers purchased through the University’s PC Procurement process.

c.       The University will upgrade older versions of Microsoft Office Professional, where warranted, with a current version of Microsoft Office Professional.  Contact the IS&T Call Center to request the upgrade.

d.      The University will upgrade, where warranted, older operating systems with Windows XP Professional.  Contact the IS&T Call Center to request the upgrade.

e.   Departments may purchase any other software available through the Select Agreement directly from Software House International.  Click here for the current price list. Once you have purchased your MicroSoft product license, please call the IS&T Call Center at x5050 to arrange its installation.

Adrianna Manzi - Account
Executive/Ohio & Michigan
33 Knightsbridge Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854
P: 800-527-6389 x6032
F: 732-868-6033
Office Hours: 7:30am- 4:30pm Eastern

3)      CSU has entered into a Campus Agreement with Microsoft to provide Client Access Licenses (Cals) to all students, faculty, and staff that will allow them to access University Windows Servers when such rights are granted to them.

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