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Managed Computer Lifecycle Mac Standards

CSU’s students, faculty and staff are provided with a special website to facilitate your order. IS&T does not order any Apple products, tablets or pads.

To purchase any Apple product you can do one of two things.

    a. Call the Apple Institutional Procurement department at 1.800.800.2775 and process your order through them.

    b. Log onto the ecommerce site at the Apple Store for education by visiting

    c. Note, you will have to register for an Apple ID to purchase from the educational discount page.

In either case you can use a Purchase Order number, SOF or Pcard depending on the price.

IS&T recommends purchasing the 3 Year Apple Care protection plan.

IS&T is not involved in this purchase nor subsequent maintenance, it is made between you and the Apple corporation.

We will support Apple products regarding basic problem debugging and virus remediation.

For all other pads/tablets, you should arrange your specific purchase with the vendor directly. IS&T is not involved in the ordering process of pads and tablet computers.

Updated: 8/23/2012

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