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PeopleSoft is the information management software system at CSU to support finance, student, and human resources operations. Basic PeopleSoft architecture, such as client-server and integrated database, permit CSU staff to have instant access to information that is accurate and always up-to-date, to reduce paper handling, and to eliminate the need to have duplicate systems and duplicate procedures.

List of all modules CSU is installing
The PeopleSoft system is organized in modules, one for each of the various functional business processes at a university. The units that CSU has include:  

Financials: Student: Human Resources:
Accounts payable Admissions Benefits
Asset Management Advising Budget/Encumbrances
Billing  Course Scheduling Human Resources
General ledger Financial Aid Payroll
Purchasing  Grades  Position Management


Who uses PeopleSoft? - If your job at CSU requires access to accurate, up-to-date information on student, financial or human resource records, you will eventually use the new system. Gaining access to PeopleSoft.

Financial info in PeopleSoft - Although PeopleSoft includes info on all the above types of functions, you probably cannot use PeopleSoft for accessing financial data. Instead, please refer to the Internal Home Pages to build financial reports. For more info, please contact Training at 687-2192.

System Outages - If you have problems with PeopleSoft or other computer systems, you may want to check the Information Systems Outage Line at 687-5252 for a recorded message of any reported outages.

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