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Engage365 logo Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is engage365?

  • Engage365 is the CSU branded name for Microsoft’s Office 365 product. Office 365 is an online, cloud based subscription service that provides email and shared calendars. More features will be added later such as ability to create and edit documents online, instant messaging, and web conferencing - all accessible anywhere from nearly any device.

Q. What does "cloud-based" and "in the cloud" mean?

  • Cloud computing, or being "in the cloud," means that a third-party (in this case, Microsoft) provides the applications via the Internet and stores the data on their servers.

Q. Is my information safe "in the cloud"?

  • Multiple copies of your data are stored for redundancy purposes. The data is encrypted when accessed from the server. The end result is an online service that has the equivalent reliability and security as an on-campus server.

Q. How do I access my mail from a mobile device?

  • The most common method of accessing your account through a mobile device is through "Exchange". You may also use any other method that is available for mail access on your particular device by simply following the directions for that process on your device. For iPhone and iPad users, there is the additional option of using an "App". This is free and available from the App Store by searching for "OWA for "Phone".

Q. Can I change my email address to something else?

  • No, it is assigned systematically to guarantee there are no duplicates.

Q. How will I access engage365 e-mail, calendar, and contacts?

  • Engage365 is accessible through your web browser or via recent Microsoft Outlook clients. Third-party clients such as Mac Mail can use IMAP to receive e-mail. However, other functions, such as calendaring and global address book, will not work. Login at

Q. How do I determine the quota limit for my mailbox and how much is currently being used?

  • Sign into your email account at Click on Outlook > the Gear icon The gear icon is used by Microsoft as the access button for user options and settings (settings) > Options. You are now looking at your "My Account" information. Your quota will be listed under a bar entitled "Mailbox Usage" which is beneath a generic looking person icon.

Q. Can I delegate access to my email and/or calendar to someone else?

  • Yes. Granting delegation access to another account, within the CSU email system, can be accomplished by signing into an Outlook client or via the web. More information can be found on the Common Tasks page.

Q. I need to send emails to a large group of people. What's the best way to do this?

  • Using contact groups is the best way to send the same email to multiple recipients at the same time. Sending a message to a large group of people is the same as sending only one email and avoids dealing with the daily email limit.

Q. I have been forwarding my CSU email. Will I be able to continue forwarding?

  • Yes, all forwards will remain. If at some point you would like to start using your Engage365 account directly, you can visit to stop the forwarding process.

Q. Do I need a mail client to use this account?

  • Client software is an application directly installed on your computer. No clients are required in order to access engage365 because it is a web-based system accessible through browsers. However, many users may prefer to use the Microsoft Outlook client that is usually installed as part of Microsoft Office (Mac and PC). For a complete list of supported clients, please visit the engage365 info page and click on the System Requirements tab.

Q. Will my email continue to be scanned for Spam?

  • Yes, Microsoft will be scanning for Spam.