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How (and why) to Establish Email Forwarding on Your CSU Email Address

What’s email forwarding?

Email forwarding causes messages sent to a specified email address to be sent onward to some other email address. It’s much like call forwarding on a telephone, or like physically forwarding U.S. Postal Service mail onward to a student who might be at a college address.

Why might I want to use it?

If you’re like most of us, you only monitor one (or possibly two) email addresses on a regular basis. You probably have more than that – which means email sent to one of your other addresses may languish for a long period of time before being read. If the email is spam, that’s fine. If the email is an urgent message which affects your life, it could be a problem. If you set all your email addresses to forward to the one (or two) you check regularly, you can avoid this problem.

Where does CSU come in?

You may not know it, but CSU issues you an email address when you become a student (or for that matter a faculty or staff member). Furthermore, it sends important official communications to that address. This includes things like notification that your final grades are available online. If you don’t monitor this email address, you won’t get that mail – unless you have set forwarding.

So how would I do this?

I’ll walk you through it step by step. You’re going to need to get into CampusNet to do this, and in order to do that you are going to need two things: your CSU ID number, and your CampusPass (CampusNet & network password).

How do I find these things?

Your CSU ID number is on your student ID; it has seven digits and is emphatically not your social security number. If you don't know your CSU id number or you’ve never had a CampusPass (or have forgotten yours), you need to call 216-687-5050 (the Call Center). Hint: you can get past the opening menu to a human by pressing the digit “1”. Tell the human you need your CampusPass.

Can you show me what to do?

Sure. Open a web browser, and enter the following url:( ).

When you get there, click on the “CampusNet Login” link.

CampusNet login button

Now you can use that CSU student ID and CampusPass we were just talking about (note that passwords are case sensitive). Your password will appear as asterisks, so type carefully:

Enter ID and password

Look at the upper left of the resulting screen; you’re looking for a link which says “E-mail” Click on that link.

Email link indicated

Look for two things on the resulting screen. If you have never been here before, at the left edge of your screen it will say:

Message indicating email not forwarded

This is useful information. (If you have been here, and have set forwarding, it will tell you that instead).


The second thing to look for is in the middle of the screen (obviously, yours will contain your email address instead of mine):

forwarding button highlighted
You can probably see it coming – to set up forwarding, click that “forward” button.

On the resulting screen, fill in the Email address to which you want your email forwarded – that is, the email address you monitor on a regular basis. Then click the “Save” button.

enter alternative email address

After a brief wait while the system claims that your email account “is being updated”, you should see a confirmation screen:

screen shows forwarded email

Note the buttons below the forwarding address which allow you to remove or change your forwarding address. Should you need to do so in the future, come back here and use those buttons. Otherwise, now you can go about your business secure in the knowledge that you will actually get email sent to you by CSU – for better or for worse!

NOTE: CSU email that you received BEFORE you setup your forwarding will NOT be forwarded!! To see this email, you will need to go to Campus Webmail or copy the following link into your browser: .

Use the same id and CampusPass to read your email. If you would like more information about the Webmail system (for example, if you keep getting error messages), please check into the email basic book found at:

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