Replies to Compliments, Complaints & Suggestions



Compliment: I don't have a suggestion, but I do enjoy the staff who works in RT403, they are always helpful.

Reply: Thanks for letting us know what a good job our lab assistants are doing in RT403.


Complaints & Suggestions

Complaint: The Campus Connection Lounge is noisy.

Reply: The Campus Connection Lounge was not meant to be a quiet study area, you can use one of the following labs
                BU16, BU23, FT103, MC447, RT403 and SH128, these are quiet labs.


Complaint: I think that there should be headphones provided for those who wish to listen to music. I don't expect
                it to be quiet in the Campus Connection Lounge (UC160) but multiple people playing music is just noise.

Reply: The idea behind the Campus Connection Lounge is for students to have a place to go for listening to music,
               looking at movies, watching television and just hanging out. If you need a quieter lab please visit one of the
               six other labs on campus managed by IS&T, which are BU16, BU23, FT103, MC447, RT403 and SH128.
               While we do not provide headphones to students at any of the labs because of sanitary reasons, several
               students do bring their own to the labs, and they're welcome to do that.