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Important information regarding changes in wireless security

Welcome to the wireless network website! The CSU wireless network offers students, faculty and staff the ability to check email, access the web and access Blackboard course information with their laptops without being tethered to the traditional cable connected to a wall. The wireless network offers more than the ability to kick off your shoes and surf the Internet from the green grass in front of Rhodes Tower. It makes computing easier, and encourages students, faculty and staff to use their computers to access all of CSU’s resources. At the same time it prepares them for the new emerging learning environment.

Wireless networking enables you to access the CSU network and the internet from almost any place at CSU. All you need is a compatible wireless network card (most laptop computers come with one), a CSU ID, a configured machine, and you are all set to use wireless.

Wireless coverage

You can use the wireless internet nearly everywhere on campus. The university is split into several wireless zones. When you leave one of these zones, you may need to reconnect to wireless. You can see the zones on this map: Wireless Coverage Map.

Wireless Security

You need a CSU ID to connect to wireless internet, so only CSU students, staff, and faculty are permitted to use wireless. Because of this, Cleveland State can offer state of the art security for using the wireless network.

If you want to learn more about CSU’s wireless infrastructure, please visit the Wireless Security page.

Setting up your Wireless

Wireless will work with a wide variety of wireless cards. To ensure compatibility make sure your card or device is Wi-Fi certified for WPAZ Enterprise. You can check this by viewing any documentation on your wireless card.
Please visit the Wireless Card Compatibility page for details about using the correct wireless adapter.

Wireless supports the following operating systems (OS): Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows PocketPC 2003 (on handheld PDAs), and Apple OS X. Please visit the following guides to set up wireless on your machine: Vista, XP, OS X, PocketPC

Wireless Usage Policies

Using the wireless network is a privilege, and is subject to the University and IS&T department policies, which can be found at:

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Contact Us: 216-687-5050
Walk-in: RT 1104
Report a problem:216-687-5050
Hear report on outages:216-687-5252

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