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To improve CSU email, we implemented AntiSpam to minimize the amount of spam you receive. AntiSpam is a service that has been added to our incoming email which stops spam, most fraud, and even virus emails. A quick check of the email entering the University has found that approximately 80-85% is junk (contains spam, fraud or a virus). By stopping these from entering your email inbox, you can view your email faster with less risk.

Please contact us (Call Center at 687-5050) if you have any questions or would like us to give a brief presentation to your group on the anti spam product (marketed by a company called MailFrontier). Please note that although, by default, everyone will have their email checked by the University’s anti spam machine, 1) we never read anyone’s email without their consent, and 2) anyone can opt-out of spam removal by changing their own settings.

You can modify your settings to add or delete people from your spam list and make other changes.

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