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How do I modify my settings?.

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What can I modify? With AntiSpam, you can:

  • see what has been quarantined (View the online list of your quarantined emails)
  • unblock a sender (Remove the selected messages from the Junk Box, deliver them to your Inbox, and add the senders to your personal Allowed list.)
  • block a sender (Add a sender to your Unallowed list)
  • eliminate the daily notice (Eliminate the administrative email summarizing your blocked emails)
  • delete your messages from AntiSpam’s quarantine
  • opt out of AntiSpam completely

To change your settings:

  1. Access the CSU AntiSpam site:
  2. Log in using your CSU ID and CampusPass (contact the Call Center for CampusPass changes - 687-5050)
  3. To see what has been blocked
    1. Click on Junk Box
    2. Review the emails
    3. Note the total number of emails in your list is indicated just above the list on the right side
  4. To unjunk email (and unblock a sender):
    1. Click on the checkbox of the email you want to unjunk
    2. Click on 'Unjunk'
  5. To add someone to your blocked list:
    1. Click on Anti-Spam Techniques
    2. Click on the Blocked tab
    3. Click on Add
    4. Enter or copy and paste the peoples' email addresses separated by a carriage return.
    5. Click on Add
  6. To eliminate the daily notices
    1. Click on Settings
    2. Click on Junkbox Summary
    3. De-select "Adhere to Group Defaults"
    4. Change Frequency of summaries to 'never'
  7. To delete messages from AntiSpam Junk Box
    1. Click on Junkbox
    2. Check the emails you want to delete
    3. Click on Delete
  8. To opt out of AntiSpam completely - please note that this option does NOT stop the virus scanning
    1. Click on Settings
    2. De-select "Adhere to Group Defaults"
    3. Select “Spam filtering off” in the Spam category
    4. Select “Spam filtering off” in the Likely Spam category


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