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Mobile Campus is located in the Student Center - SC128
Borrow A Laptop or iPad At No Charge For Up To 5 Hours!

Program Overview: Currently registered students of Cleveland State University may check out a laptop computer or iPad for on-campus use. Over 200 laptops are available on a first-come/first-served basis (reservations are not accepted). Laptops and iPads may be borrowed for a 5 hour period of time or until one hour before closing, which ever is shorter. There is no charge for usage, however late fees will be assessed and charged to you if the device is not returned on time. You will also be charged for any damage or if the device is lost or stolen. The charges will cover repair and/or replacement of the device, up to $2,000.

Free Program Registration: Students must register for the program once per calendar year. Registration requires the student to present two photo IDs (One must be your student ID card and the other a government ID card such as Driver's License, Passport, State ID Card, etc.) and completing the registration form. Photo copies of both ID cards will be made when you register for the program and the Mobile Campus Program will retain the photocopies for future reference. Only currently enrolled students in good standing with Cleveland State University are eligible for the program. Once eligibility has been established, a student can check out a laptop or iPad by presenting their CSU ID card and completing a Check-out form. After initial registration, students can renew their enrollment yearly by verifying their eligibility and contact information.

Software: Each laptop includes Internet access (via wireless network), MS Office and Internet Explorer and other standard software, as well as the current Windows Operating System.

Hardware: Each laptop has a hard drive that can be used for temporary storage of files (erased when laptop is returned). They also have a USB port that enables use of your own USB Mini Drive if you have one. These laptops have high-capacity lithium ion batteries, an internal wireless modem card, and their own carrying case. They are not issued with AC adaptors. Battery-life on the laptops will differ based upon what programs are being accessed and what equipment is being used. The battery light will turn orange when the battery is low.

Although each laptop has a soundcard and speakers, we ask that you provide your own headphones to minimize disturbing other students.

Alternate Software: These laptops are configured with the most commonly used software for your convenience and do not provide the full suite of software available in the General Computer Labs. If you require access to SAS or SPSS, or other software , please visit one of our labs. If a laptop does not have an application or program that you need please fill out a suggestion form so that we may investigate adding the software in the future.

Saving your work: Laptops are re-imaged when they are returned to ensure that they remain virus free, properly configured, and as trouble-free as possible, as well as to preserve the privacy of each student's work. Please be certain to save your work to your own storage device because the data will be lost once the drives are re-imaged. You may save data to internet based storage such as Dropbox or the Yahoo Briefcase, to your USB Mini Drive or CDRW, or email work to your email account. You can purchase CDs and USB Mini Drives in Rhodes Tower Library or CSU Bookstore.

Printing your work: Free printing (up to 2,000 pages per term) is available in the Campus Connection Lounges AND each General Computer Lab (color printing is available at 50¢/page in the Fenn Tower and Urban Labs and in the Student Center Campus Connection Lounge).

Fines and Fees: Although there is no cost to use one of these devices, there are late charges ($10.00 per hour), damage fees (cost of replacing the damaged part), and replacement fees if the unit is lost or stolen (cost of replacing the unit). The maximum combination of fines and fees is $2000.00. All fines and fees will be charged to your account at the University and collected by the Bursar's Office. If you have outstanding fines or fees, you will be ineligible to borrow another laptop.

Lost or Stolen Equipment: You are responsible for the equipment loaned to you by this program. Use of this equipment is permitted only until the date and time due as indicated on the Mobile Campus Equipment Loan Agreement. Any use of this equipment after that time is beyond the scope of the agreement and may result in a criminal felony in the fifth degree conviction under Section 2913.04 of the Ohio Revised Code. If the equipment is lost or stolen, you need to file a report with the CSU Police Department and report the loss of the equipment to the Mobile Campus Program. Please do this promptly to avoid additional late fees.



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Suggestions: A suggestion box is located at the Mobile Campus Center. We need feedback, so please offer suggestions to help us improve this program. We will respond to suggestions based upon frequency of request and cost to implement.

Program Funding: This program is entirely funded by Student Tech Fees and is thus restricted to student use only. Please take care of the equipment - you are helping to pay for it.

Hours of Operation: The Mobile Campus desk will be open:
(Summer Hours subject to change)

Monday: - Thursday: 7:30am to 10:00pm
Friday: 7:30am - 6:00pm
Saturday: 7:30am - 5:00pm
Sunday: Closed
* The laptops can be borrowed at any time during these times up to 1 hour before closing

The Mobile Campus Program will be closed on holidays and during academic breaks

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Contact Us: 216-687-5050
Walk-in: RT 1104
Report a problem:216-687-5050
Hear report on outages:216-687-5252

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