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Internet/Network Access on Campus

ID and CampusNet Password

To access the Internet or Network on campus, you will need your CSU ID number and your CampusNet password). If you do not know your password, please contact the Call Center at 687-5050.


Internet Access on Campus

You can access the Internet from almost any computer on campus (Some departments may limit Internet access on their computers). Computers are available in the Campus Connection Lounge (MC Atrium) and General Purpose Labs (BU23, SH128, UR39/40 and Fenn CC) and laptops can be used in many locations using a network card (each General Purpose Lab, the libraries, and other areas) or anywhere using a wireless card. College computing labs and specialized computing labs are also available with special hardware and software.


Is there a time limit?

There is no time limit for on campus use of the Network or Internet using the General Purpose Labs, Campus Connection Lounge, or most labs. Loaner laptops are lent for 4 hours from the Mobile Campus.


What software is available?

Each college has computer labs with various software specific to their students. The General Purpose Labs (BU23, MC446/447, SH128, UR39/40 Fenn CC), Campus Connection Lounge and Mobile Campus have more general software.


What hardware is available?

Each college has computer labs with various software specific to their students. The General Purpose Labs (BU23, MC446/447, SH128, UR39/40 Fenn CC) have more general hardware. A list of hardware and locations is available. Each General Purpose Lab has a scanner and printer (free black and white printing up to 2,000 pages per term). The Campus Connection Lounge also has free black and white printing.


How do I print?

Up to 2,000 pages of black and white printing is available free in the General Purpose labs and CCL. Color printing is available in the Fenn CC at 50 cents/copy. College labs may provide some free printing or printing at a cost.


How do I change my password?

CampusNet password is one password used to access multiple systems - right now that includes:

  • CampusNet,
  • Network access on campus,
  • Wireless Network,
  • MobileCampus,
  • Internet use at home
  • ePortfolio
  • Campus Webmail

To change your current CampusNet password yourself, you can use CampusNet. If you do not know how to do this, please contact the Call Center at 687-5050.

Go to CampusNet to change my Password

Laptops on Campus

You can use a laptop on campus and still connect to the Internet via CSU wireless network using a Cisco wireless card (our wireless network) or network drops using a network card (Instructions for set-up at bottom of this page). Network drops are available in each General Purpose Lab and in a few other labs (Library, Law, Business, and Urban). In addition, we have loaner laptops available to students for up to four hours in the Mobile Campus.


Reference Guides

The following reference guides are available from the Call center at 687-5050:

MAC Setup for Ethernet (.pdf)
PC Setup for Ethernet (.pdf)


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