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TurningPoint Student Response Systems is the standard recommended Clicker solution for Cleveland State University. TurningPoint is a product of TurningTechnologies, LLC headquartered in Youngstown, OH.

A Student Response System, more commonly referred to as "Clicker", is a wireless system that allows instructors to ask questions of the class and receive responses via hand-held remote devices. Student responses are recorded through a receiver attached to the instructor's workstation. Responses can be graded, summarized and shown to the class in real-time or saved for later viewing.

Faculty and Staff who are interested in using clickers can contact Melinda Osman, Account Executive, Turning Technologies, LLC or (330) 599-4925.

TurningPoint 2008™, the latest and most innovative version of this product, now includes the following new features and functionality:

  • Office 2007 support.
  • True Plug and play hardware setup.
  • Bundled TurningPoint AnyWhere software. The TurningPoint AnyWhere polling application uses the same functionality as TurningPoint through a floating toolbar that allows users to poll from content in any computer application including web browsers, PDFs, Word documents, and more.
  • Customized save locations- Save data directly to your hard drive or removable thumb drive for maximum flexibility.
  • vLinks software extends TurningPoint functionality to remote locations — perfect for video conferencing meetings, trainings, and classes.
  • Support for the new audience response unit, ResponseCard XR, and auto-registration.
  • Expanded reporting options.

If you currently use TurningPoint 2006 and wish to upgrade to the new version, you can download TurningPoint 2008 from the TurningPoint Downloads webpage. You will also need to contact the vendor to upgrade the license code on your receiver. You do not have to purchase any new hardware.

Professors and presenters are no longer tied to PowerPoint. TurningPoint AnyWhere™ allows you to poll using content in any computer application including web browsers, PDFs, and Word documents. Simple on-the-fly polling with the click of a mouse.

ResponseWare™, a revolutionary new response system, is a web-based polling application that lets participants use the devices they use most - their mobile devices and computers. Participants using smartphones, laptops and other Internet-connected devices can respond in real-time to interactive polling questions. Faculty can sign-up for a 30-day free trial by clicking on this link.

Vendor Information:

Melinda Osman
Account Executive, Higher Education
TurningTechnologies, LLC
(330) 599-4925

Students can now purchase their clickers directly from the TurningTechnologies Student Store. CSU's school code is Fq6P.

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