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What are Podcasts?

Podcasts are essentially audio and video files on the web that can be downloaded and played on a portable media player. Podcasts can contain a RSS file that allows software, such as iTunes, that handles files for media players to check for new media files and download them automatically.

Podcasting in Education

Many educators have succesfully integrated podcasts in thier curriculum. Here are examples of how Podcasting has been used in university settings.

Meta-Podcasting: Center for Teaching Excellence Podcasts on how to Podcast using a Mac

Boilercast-Purdue University Podcasting Site

University of Arizona Podcasting Site

Mansfield University Podcasting Site

Podcasting Basics

  1. Recording your material.
  2. Edit your files using audio/video editing software like Adobe Premiere Elements or Audacity (a free, open source software) then convert the format to mp3 (audio) or mp4 (video).
  3. Post mp3 files to a server.
  4. Create an RSS feed.
  5. Post RSS feed in Blackboard or on your personal website.


Please refer to the IS&T Training schedule for a list of Podcasting courses.


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