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Insurance waiver for International Students

  • All international students (F-1 & J-1visas)are required to carry health insurance while attending Cleveland State University. Your Treasury Service account will be billed for the UnitedHealthcare Student Health Insurance Plan upon registration for classes.
  • International students are required to buy the CSU health insurance policy. Students may not purchase insurance from an outside carrier.
  • CSU Health Insurance Waivers

    Waivers from the university health care policy are granted only in the following situations

    • You have insurance coverage because you are sponsored by the U.S. Government,your country's government, or the U.N.
    • You have insurance coverage because a parents works in th U.S.,your spouse works in the U.S. or you work in the U.S. (Employment will be verified)
    • You are currently in the U.S. with a minor F-2 dependant and must be insured by another carrier in order to secure appropriate coverage for your dependent. (Dependent will be verified)
    • You are a Canadian Citizen or Resident

    In addition, your current policy must meet the following CSU minimum requirements:

    • Medical Benefits of at least 80% of first $250,000 of covered expense
    • Repatriation of Remains in the amount of at least $10,000
    • Expenses for Medical Evacuation to home Country at least $15,000
    • Deductible of no greater than $500 per calendar year
    • Co-payment or coinsurance not to exceed 20% of covered expenses
    • Company who provides the coverage has required rating & US phone number

    The deadline to waive is the end of the second week of classes, there are NO exceptions to the deadline.

  • How do I waive the CSU health insurance? It's simple!

    • Go to
    • Click on the 2014-2015 Cleveland State University International Student Waiver form link: follow all the instructions on the waiver site.
    • Print a copy for your records of your waiver submission.
    • Please keep in mind that a completed waiver is not a guarantee that your health insurance will be waived.
    • Your insurance must meet all the requirements in order to be waived.
    • Your health insurance is successfully waived when the charge no longer appears on your CampusNet account.
  • Waiver deadline dates
    • Fall 09/12/14
    • Spring/Summer 01/23/15
    • Summer 05/29/15





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