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Faculty Sending a Test

Exams for students with disabilities are often administered in the ODS. This is at the faculty memberís discretion. If you prefer to proctor the exams for students with disabilities, feel free to do so. However, you must provide the accommodations that the student is eligible to receive. We do not recommend that faculty members substitute take-home exams for regular classroom exams.

Students are asked to remind faculty when tests have been scheduled at ODS so that exams can be sent to us for proctoring. We do not pick up exams. Please send or deliver the exam to the ODS and include the ODS Exam Detail Form.

Exams can be sent by e-mail or dropped off at the ODS. Please DO NOT send exams through Campus Mail. If you choose to e-mail exams, please send them to with an attached ODS Exam Form. Exams will be returned to your department in a sealed green envelope with the signature of an ODS staff person on the seal. We will return tests as soon as possible. Of course, you can retrieve the exams in person at our office, if you prefer.

To preserve the integrity of your exams, we require professors to fill out an ODS Exam Form with the studentís name, exam date, exam time, and special conditions. Special conditions include a time limit, open book or notes, and special instructions not clearly written on the exam. If these are not specified we will assume that standard conditions should be used. Most students who receive testing accommodations are allowed 1.5 times the usual time, though some get double time due to the nature of their disabilities. No students are allowed unlimited time. Copies of the ODS Exam Details Form are below.

Normally, students are expected to take their exams at the same time that the class meets. There are exceptions as follows:

  • Students who have evening or Saturday classes: We are open Mondays thru Thursdays until 6 PM and Fridays until 5 PM. Evening and weekend students will likely need to arrange for alternate times to take their exams at the ODS. We will stay open late in cases when students cannot come in at alternate times, usually due to work schedules.
  • Schedule conflicts: Exams cannot be started at times that could result in students having to miss classes. This could occur if students, who are eligible for extra time, have classes that meet at consecutive time periods. In these cases, alternative times for exams would need to be arranged.
  • Permission from instructor: Students who wish to postpone an exam must get permission from their faculty member.

Special Exam Requirements

If your exam involves the use of special equipment or access to the internet, please contact our office to notify us of the exam requirements and to make sure that we have the appropriate facilities.

If you are administering an exam on-line through a system like Blackboard and the student is eligible to receive extra time, the on-line test needs to be configured to provide the accommodation. You can contact E-Learning at x3960 for instructions on how to extend time limits. You can find more information about Issuing Online Exams at the link above.

Any tests issued online must be accessible to the technology that a student with a disability uses or an accessible alternative will need to be created. For more information, contact the Assistive Technology Specialist at 216-687-2015.

Some students may require occasional breaks during exams. These arrangements can be made individually between the student and the faculty member. If the arrangements would be disruptive for the class, arrangements can be made for test administration at the ODS.

For math and science exams to be administered to blind or visually impaired students, we may need the exam forwarded to us at least three days in advance. These students may need to have their math exams translated into a special format, either MathML or Braille Nemeth, and this takes significant time to create.

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