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Cleveland State's Student Employment Program is administered by the Career Services Center. The program is designed to assist matriculating students in financing their education, developing essential job skills and enhancing their University experience. Students must indicate on their FAFSA if they are interested in receiving a Federal Work-Study award.

Student Employment Opportunities

The Student Employment Program at CSU has generated:

  • over 2300 student jobs
  • over $5 million in wages to students
  • over $5 million in services to CSU
  • increased student satisfaction with the on-campus experience

For more information visit the Career Services website.

Student On-Campus, Off-Campus, and Career Opportunities


A number of on-campus and off-campus jobs are available through the Student Employment Program. You can find these opportunities at CSUcareerline or visit the Career Services Center on the second floor in Rhodes West for more jobs. You may want to ask to see the part-time job book. Other jobs are posted on the job board on the Plaza level of Rhodes West.


Internships are related to the students' academic major. Information is available from the student's academic department regarding placement and academic credit for internships. Another resource can be found at CSUcareerline.

Cooperative Education

Cooperative education (co-op) experiences are available to provide students with the opportunity to work and gain experience in their field of choice. In a co-op experience, students usually alternate semesters of work and study. Students must take CSC 121, CSC 224, or CSC 321 and make an appointment with a career services center coordinator.

Graduate and Teaching Assistantships

As funds are available, positions are assigned to academic and administrative units. Students interested in applying for an open position should contact the graduate program director or apply directly to the academic or administrative unit.

Students: Student Employment Handbook
Supervisors: Supervisor's Manual for Student Employment

Student Employment Forms:

For assistance, contact the Student Employment Program at 216.687.5577 or email

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