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Please note: You must be registered on CSUcareerline and attend an On Campus Recruiting workshop or watch a one-hour workshop video to utilize the On-Campus Recruiting Program.

On-campus recruiting is used by employers who come to the Career Services Center to conduct actual job interviews with students. CSUcareerline will inform you of those employers scheduled to interview on-campus.

Employers often pre-select candidates for interview schedules. If you meet the criteria for a pre-selection schedule in terms of major and qualifications, you may refer your resume to that employer. Some schedules are Open and available for sign-up immediately. In that case, if you meet the requirements, refer your resume and choose an interview time. Interview times are first-come, first-served.

You will use your CSUcareerline account to review those companies coming on campus for interviews, to submit your resume for consideration, to select your interview times if you are selected for an interview, and to keep on top of any changes to or cancellations of schedules. Employers often schedule Information Sessions the evening before their interview day. You can find out about these events by carefully reading the schedule information in CSUcareerline.

The On Campus Recruiting workshop is usually held during in the first three weeks of the each fall semester. If you are unable to attend the workshop, then come to the Career Resource Library in RW 280 to watch a one-hour video detailing how the on-campus recruiting process works. You will be ineligible to participate in the program if you do not fulfill this requirement. A signature card will be completed verifying that you have completed this requirement. Anyone who attended the workshop or viewed the video in the previous year has already fulfilled the requirement for the next year. Click here to view the workshop schedule posted accordingly at the beginning of each fall semester.

CSU'S CAREER SERVICES CENTER HAS A "NO-SHOW" POLICY: If you do not show up for an interview either on campus or at an employer site, you willl have to write a letter explaining why you did not adhere to your commitment. Make two copies, and send one to the company and one to Career Services. BUT, you are only allowed one emergency cancellation. More than one interview cancellation or one "no show" will result in automatic expulsion from the On-Campus Recruiting Program. In addition, you will be expected to reimburse the employer for any expenses incurred for on site visits, such as hotel charges. Call the office (216.687.2233) and the employer and give at least two days notice if you need to cancel an interview.

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