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Professional Mentoring

The professional mentoring component of the LINK Program is essential in the nurturing process and is instrumental in promoting academic achievement and social development in our students. The time you spend with your mentee can impact their future career decisions and success. The goals of the professional mentoring component include the following areas: career awareness, career exploration, values clarification, personal and social development, and academic support. The staff of the LINK Program is available to facilitate the mentee/mentor relationship and to serve as a resource to aid in this process. To be considered as a professional mentor, you can apply online, or for more information about professional mentoring email us at

Link Summer Preparatory Program

The LINK Summer Preparatory Program is a pre-college transition program designed to enhance the academic, personal, and career development of incoming LINK students. This Program provides preparation for Business, Engineering, and Arts & Sciences curriculum while acclimating the students to Cleveland State University. These LINK students also explore career goals through company tours, presentations and internships.

Corporate and Community Development

Corporate and community support is essential to the success of the LINK Program in the form of: scholarship awards, corporate and community network rotations (summer volunteer experiences), professional mentoring and cooperative education placements. The final and most significant link for the students lies with career opportunities in business and industry. For more information about making a contribution, please contact us at or call (216) 687-2233.

Scholarship Support

The LINK Program seeks to establish a "win-win" situation with your business/organization. Developing partnerships with the corporate sector allows the LINK Program to provide valuable opportunities for LINK students. If your organization is interested in having a diversified, educated workforce to enhance the future growth of your organization, the LINK Program's effort to recruit and retain minority students majoring in Business, Engineering, and Arts and Sciences can assist your needs. LINK scholarship support helps us to achieve this "win-win" situation. For more information about making a contribution, please contact us at or call (216) 687-2233.

Co-op Placement

During the freshman year, LINK students will be required to complete CSC 121, "Career Orientation," the prerequisite for CSU’s Cooperative Education Program. The course emphasizes career planning, resume writing, and interviewing to prepare students for co-op placement. Students will be assigned to Co-op Coordinators to further develop their skills for co-op. These services will be strengthened by a Peer Mentoring and Peer Tutoring program to assist in the out-of-class network that encourages students to succeed.

Benefits of the LINK Program

Increasing the pool of talented minority students in CSU’s Cooperative Education Program responds directly to employer demand. By identifying students and offering support services to encourage academic success and corporate awareness, employers can continue to depend on CSU to fill employment needs while complying more effectively with affirmative action standards. The preparation and exposure that LINK Program students will experience will provide employers with productive, insightful co-op employees.

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