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Why Join Co-op

Research shows that Co-op:

  • Helps improve GPA
  • Develops professional skills
  • Enhances your career portfolio
  • Helps you choose a career best suited for you
  • Allows you to develop a network for future career leads
  • Provides additional academic credit
  • Enables students to earn career-related income while in school

Our students tell us that one of the best things about having a Co-op experience is the chance to test drive a possible career.

Rosa was a Nursing major who thought she wanted to work in a hospice environment because she liked helping elderly people, so she took a co-op position doing that sort of work.  Poignantly, she realized that the hospice also cared for infants and children.  She realized that she would be happier working in a nursing home environment, but she never would have discovered this without her Co-op experience.

Anthony was a Political Science major who was undecided about his plans after graduation.  He took a Co-op position in a computer company and discovered a talent for technical writing.  He went on to a career in that field—one he knew nothing about until he was introduced to it through Co-op.

Talk to a Career Coordinator today about what Co-op can do for you.  Call us at 216.687.2233.

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