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The Social Sciences include academic disciplines that focus on individuals in their connections with others in a wide variety of social groupings and in relation to various social institutions. These fields seek to understand the causes and consequences of human behavior in the interrelationships between social groups of all sizes, and of individuals within these groups. The B.A. in Social Science is a composite major drawing on the resources of several disciplines housed in four departments: sociology, political science, economics and psychology. The major is administered by the Department of Sociology.


The major is designed to provide students with a broad, diverse background as preparation for a variety of occupations in public and private service organizations. It is also a sound preparation for more advanced study in such fields as law, journalism, the ministry, social work or education.

For more information, visit CSU's Sociology Department's website

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  • Admissions Counselor 
  • Data Analyst 
  • Mental Health Worker 
  • Adoption Agent 
  • Day Care Worker 
  • News Correspondent 
  • Advertising Assistant 
  • Delinquency Counselor 
  • Parole/Probation Officer 
  • Aging Specialist 
  • Family Guidance
  • Clinic Peace Corps/VISTA Alcohol/
  • Drug Case Worker
  • Foster Care Worker 

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Planning long-term projects Recruiting/coordinating research subjects
Writing grant proposals Evaluating
Maintaining records Developing project designs
Interviewing Understanding group dynamics
Observing human interactions Recognizing cultural differences/similarities
Surveying and sampling Identifying value systems
Gathering and organizing data Examining data
Conducting field studies Applying non-intrusive methods
Reaching new conclusions through
comparative study
Utilizing statistical applications


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