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The program in the Department of Political Science at Cleveland State University is designed to help students understand the importance of politics and democracy in their lives, contemporary public policy, and the means of influencing government to respond to collective needs.

Study Abroad Opportunities

There are opportunities to study in China, Germany, France and others. These can be arranged through the Center for International Services and Programs.

Internship Opportunities

The Department of Political Science offers internships for political science majors.

Public Service Specialization (36 Semester Hours)

This is a political science program more oriented toward practical politics and government service. Requirements of this program are identical to those of the political science major with two exceptions: public service track majors take an internship for 6 hours of credit instead of the senior seminar, as their capstone course. Students also take one course specifically related to their internship, as well as the usual field-distribution requirements for the major.


There are multiple career opportunities for majors in political science. Political science is a fine liberal arts degree and careers are diverse.

Private Sector: Many political science majors will have careers in the private, for-profit sector. Some positions include:

  • Journalist
  • Market Researcher
  • Sales Representative

Non-Profit Sector: The not-for-profit sector is rapidly expanding, and some political science majors find employment there. Some positions include:

  • Group Activist
  • Director of Development

Public Sector: Many students will go into jobs in the public sector working for federal, state, or local governments. Some of these positions include:

  • Budget Analyst
  • Law Enforcement Officer
  • Legislative Director
  • Librarian
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Teacher

Graduate School: Some political science majors continue on to graduate school in diverse areas leading to other careers. For example:

  • Attorney at Law
  • Professor
  • City Manager

For more information, visit CSU's Political Sciences Department's website


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  • Civilian Consultant to.
  • Assistant Secretary of State for.
  • Deputy Undersecretary of.
  • FBI Officer
  • Secretary, Department of.
  • Teacher, Overseas School for.
  • Program Analyst
  • Management Auditor
  • Tax Inspector
  • Researcher
  • Foreign Service Officer/Specialist
  • Ambassador
  • Archivist
  • Budget Analyst
  • Historian
  • GAO Evaluator
  • Public Affairs Specialist
  • Intelligence Specialist, CIA
  • Staff Aid, Congressional Committee
  • Information Technology Manager
  • County Treasurer
  • Advisor
  • County Council Member
  • Chief of Staff
  • Deputy Secretary
  • Assistant Chief of Police
  • Program Director
  • Legislative Coordinator, Mayor's Office
  • State Personnel Officer
  • Juvenile Justice Specialist
  • State Chief Purchasing Officer
  • City Planner
  • Labor Relations Specialist
  • City Project Coordinator
  • Senior Criminologist
  • Assistant Budget Examiner

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Oral & written communication Interact with diverse populations
Decision-making Able to develop & market ideas
Problem-solving Understanding of community needs
Analytical thinking Computer literate
Research skills Team worker
Leadership abilities Work well under pressure


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