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Operations and Supply Chain Management

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The Operations and Supply Chain Management(OSM) degree in the Bachelor of Business Administration program prepares you for a successful career in business by providing you with insight into the two critical components of organizational success: tactics and strategy.  Our courses teach you how to systematically make decisions for businesses with sophisticated qualitative and quantitative approaches, arming you with valuable tools for managing modern supply chain networks. The OSM major enables you to ultimately assume managerial positions in a wide variety of for-profit or nonprofit organizations or governmental agencies. Students interested in pursuing graduate studies in the future will also find that the program provides a strong background in quantitative analysis.


Students majoring in Operations and Supply Chain Management will choose one of two areas of concentration:

Operations Management

This program is designed for students who wish to begin their professional careers in the manufacturing or service operation of an organization and the administration of government or nonprofit organizations.

Business Statistics

Statistics are widely used in today's business and government organizations. The Business Statistics Program is designed for students who want to begin their careers in operations planning, marketing research, investment and financial analysis, insurance, general management, econometrics, and the administration of government or nonprofit organizations.


Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSM) is a major that can lead to an exciting and meaningful career involved with the welfare and growth of our economy. OSM majors are specialists who are in demand and frequently command higher salaries than do generalists. Because OSM specialists possess a variety of aptitudes and skills, numerous career opportunities are available to them, including: Production and Inventory Control Manager; Material Requirements Planning Specialist; Business Systems Analyst; Production Scheduler; Materials Manager; Quality Manager; Actuary; Banking Operations Supervisor; Market Research Specialist; Investment and Financial Analyst.

Visit CSU's Department of Operations &Supply Chain Management for more information


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Production Operator 
Business Operations Analyst 
Quantitative Research Analyst 
Data Analyst 
Risk Analyst 
Director of Statistics 
Sales Analyst 
Logistics Manager 
Statistical Analyst 

  • Logistics Manager
  • Statistical Analyst
  • Actuarian
  • Director of Statistics
  • Manager
  • Business Operations Analyst
  • Quantitative Research Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Production Operator
  • Sales Analyst
  • Biostatistician
  • Risk Analyst


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Reading comprehension Active listening skills
Math & science skills Critical thinking
Different learning strategies Giving advice on business or research
Research Ability to prepare technical reports
Design systems Work independently and on a team
Oral & Written communication skills Active learner
Understanding of computer programs Investigating data to solve problems


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