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Faced with changing markets, dynamic technologies, globalization and increasingly diverse work forces, today's managers must be prepared to meet a multitude of challenges and opportunities. The Management and Labor Relations (MLR) major qualifies students for entry-level managerial positions in a wide variety of for-profit, non profit and governmental organizations. Students who choose to major in Management and Labor Relations select one of two areas of concentration.

Human Resources

This program focuses on developing the student's knowledge and skills in areas related to the development and management of people in organizations. Courses in this track explore many of the contemporary issues facing human resource professionals today and provide students with an introduction to the challenges they will face in their future careers.

General Management

This track focuses on developing the student's knowledge of the management functions of planning, controlling, organizing, leading and problem solving. Students are also given the opportunity to develop critical interpersonal skills vital to successful management today.


At its essence, management is the art of getting work done by directing the activities of others. In the modern business world, those MLR graduates with limited or no experience can gain entry level jobs as management trainees in a wide variety of organizations and industries. Since many of Cleveland State University's MLR graduates are either already working in permanent positions or have internships/co-op jobs, they are already on established career paths. The General Management Track helps prepare students for diverse management career paths in industries such as banking, health care, manufacturing, retail, distribution, construction, and other services, as well as the non profit sector. The Human Resources track generally prepares graduates for career opportunities within the human resources field in these same industries.

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Account Executive Government Services Administrator Media Planner
Bank Manager Health Services/Hospital Administrator Mortgage Loan Officer
Benefits Manager Hotel Manager Occupational Analyst
Branch Manager-Any Industry Human Resource Manager Operations Manager
Budget Officer Industrial Relations Director Outside Property Agent
Commodity - Industry Analyst Information Systems Manager Payroll Officer
Communications Officer Insurance Agent Personnel Manager
Compensation Manager International Business Manager Personnel Recruiter
Computer Operations Supervisor Job Analyst Promotions Manager
Construction Supervisor Labor Relations Manager Provisioning Manager


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Leadership Critical thinking
Problem solving Numerical computation
Sound decision-making Oral & written communication
Organizing activities Computer literacy
Planning activities Flexibility
Team player Coordinating activities
Directing activities and staff Cross-cultural skills
Interpersonal skills Analyze and interpret data


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