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The Information Systems major (IS) within the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program prepares students for careers in information systems by focusing on the use of current information technology within the context of an organization. Information Systems as an academic discipline encompasses two broad areas: Acquisition, deployment and management of Information Technology (IT) resources and services; and development of IS infrastructure to support the organization's processes.

An Information Systems/Operations Management major takes courses in statistics, management science, production/operations management, and information systems.  This unique mix of education combines quantitative methods and analytical approaches to solving problems in all area of business utilizing current technology.  Students can focus on either production/operations management or information systems.

IS/OM  graduates with a concentration in information systems have been successful in entry-level jobs such as systems analysts, information systems application developers, software testing, and end-user support. IS/OM graduates with a concentration in production/operations management have been successful in entry-level jobs associated with scheduling/planning, quality control, purchasing/inventory control, and materials management.

Many occupations today require a college educated individual who can write and speak well, solve problems, learn new information quickly and work well with others on a team. This means that college graduates use their education in a wide variety of fields, and your future career may relate more to your personal career interests, work values and transferable skills than any specific academic major. However, the following list contains a representative sample of current job titles of former Information Systems & Operations Management majors.  Use this as an idea list, and remember that it represents some, but certainly not all, of the careers you might consider.


Graduates of the IS program will have a combined preparation in business core courses and applied computing. Students will not only have the necessary managerial skills to solve business problems in functional areas, but also technical knowledge to develop and support information systems of any scope.

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Actuary Information Systems Developer Network Administrator/Manager
Analyst/Programmer Information Systems Manager On-Line Services Manager
Applications Programmer Information Technology Manager Operating Systems Programmer
Auditor Internet Developer Operations Manager
Communications Specialist Internet Marketing Analyst Operations Researcher
Computer Aided Software Engineering Specialist Inventory Control Specialist PC Support Specialist
Computer Security Analyst Inventory Manager Plant Manager
Computer Systems Hardware Analyst Investment Analyst Product Development Manager
Consultant LAN Manager Product Forecaster/Estimator
CQI Production Manager Logistics Manager Production Line Manager
Data Communications Analyst Management Analyst Production Scheduler/Planner
Data Security Analyst Manager/Supervisor Programmer - Engineering & Scientific


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Reading comprehension Active listening skills
Math & science skills Critical thinking
Different learning strategies Giving advice on business or research
Research Ability to prepare technical reports
Design systems Work independently and on a team
Oral & Written communication skills Active learner
Understanding of computer programs Investigating data to solve problems


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