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Industrial engineers organize the people, information, energy, materials and machines involved in any process that produces goods and services. As an Industrial Engineer, you may participate in long-range planning; discover a new way to assemble a product that will prevent worker injuries; train workers how to operate new equipment; use software programs to analyze equipment maintenance requirements; or write proposals to justify the purchase of new equipment. Industrial engineering is known as “people-oriented engineering.”

Fenn College’s curriculum in Industrial Engineering prepares students for successful careers in the following occupations: management engineer, ergonomist, operations analyst, and quality engineer, among others. Graduates are employed in manufacturing industries such as steel, automotives, pharmaceuticals, and telecommunications, as well as in service industries such as health care, transportation, government, and consulting.


Career opportunities for industrial engineers are excellent, with projected growth between 10-20 percent through 2012. Engineering ranks among the highest paid professional fields.

Visit CSU's Industrial Engineering Department's webpage for more information


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  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Manager of Operations
  • Materials Manager
  • Project Engineer
  • Total Quality Manager
  • Operations Research Engineer
  • Business Process Reengineering Team Leader
  • Systems Integrator
  • Manager of Systems Engineering
  • Standards Engineer
  • President
  • Consulting Industrial Engineer
  • Information Systems Manager
  • CAD/CAM Systems Administrator
  • Material Handling Engineer
  • Distribution Manager
  • MIS Manager
  • Process Control Manager
  • MRP Manager
  • Founder
  • Simulation Engineering Manager
  • Computer Operations Manager
  • Quality Systems Manager
  • Methods and Measurement Engineer
  • Systems Director
  • Time Study Engineer
  • Plant Layout Engineer
  • Graduate Student
  • Senior Systems Analyst
  • Professor of Industrial Engineering
  • Professor of Management
  • Management Systems Manager
  • Materials Manager
  • Vice President, Manufacturing
  • Safety Director
  • Ergonomist
  • Quality Control Engineer
  • Product Development Engineer
  • Senior Power Engineer
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Business Process Reengineering Director
  • Purchasing Agent
  • Planning and Resource Director
  • Assembly Engineering Manager
  • Associate Productivity Planning Director
  • Methods and Incentive Analyst
  • Management Engineer
  • Systems Consultant
  • Director of Staff Services
  • Sales Engineer
  • Training Director
  • Engineering Economist
  • Controller
  • Productivity and Quality Control Manager

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Active listening Complex problem solving
Critical thinking Judgment and decision making
Coordination Active learning
Reading comprehension Instructing
Speaking Monitoring


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