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The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a health-related career. The program curriculum promotes the importance of culture and ethical considerations relevant to all aspects of health care practice. The curriculum is designed to allow students the flexibility to plan a course of study that best suits their professional and educational needs. The four tracks offered are designed to help students prepare to enter a specific health care field, or to develop skills and knowledge that will prepare them to work in health care. Cleveland State's rigorous program is centered on excellent, caring faculty. The program is unique in that it offers advanced courses not usually offered in most undergraduate programs, including Advanced Research and Writing, Culture and Health Care, Functional Performance of Older Adults, Pathology, Gross Anatomy and Neuroscience.


A Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences, in some health science fields, serves as a pre-professional preparation for the graduate degree required for working in a particular field (such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, podiatry, physician assistant, medicine, dental, and others). Baccalaureate graduates can find immediate employment as a group home staff member, clinical research assistant, quality assurance staff, case manager, or activity director. The present and future employment outlook in most health science fields is excellent, with a growth rate much faster than the national average.

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Activities Director Cruise Recreation Director Personal Trainer
Adventurer/Risk Trainer Dance/Aerobics Instructor Prison Recreation Specialist
Aquatic Management Emergency Medical Tech. Recreation Specialist
Athletic Coach Exercise Physiology Rehabilitation Specialist
Athletic Trainer Health/Fitness Consultant Sporting Goods Sales 
Cardiac Rehabilitation Spa/Health Club Manager Social Director
Cardiovascular Fitness Instructor Nutrition Specialist Strength-Conditioning Coach
Community Recreation Occupational Exercise Swimming Pool Manager
Corporate Fitness Instructor Park Manager Teacher; Physical Education
Country Club Manager Occupational Therapy Asst. Physical Therapist
Camp Director Sports Medicine Physical Therapist Assistant
Dietician Sports Psychologist Sports Fitness Nutritionist
Chiropractor PE/Sport/Research Instructor Professional Sports Scout
Sports Agent Commercial Recreation Professional Sports Umpire
Athletic Director    


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Oral and written communications Computation
Critical thinking and response Experimentation (conducting, data analysis, and design)
Reading and listening comprehension Graphing and graph reading
Manipulation Observation
Research Creating and reading tables
Unit conversions  


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