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Economics prepares students for interesting and financially rewarding careers in private business, consulting, government, financial service institutions and medicine. Undergraduate economics majors are also well represented in many graduate programs including MBA and MPA programs, and law schools.

The Economics program at Cleveland State University is similar to programs at other universities throughout the United States by teaching students “the economic way of thinking.” An undergraduate economics program offers excellent preparation for employment and graduate studies by providing analytical and critical thinking skills.

Economics is the study of how effectively society meets its human and material needs.   It provides a logical, ordered way of looking a various problems.  It draws upon history,  philosophy, and mathematics to deal with subjects ranging from how an individual household or business can make sound decisions, to societal issues such as unemployment, inflation, and environmental decay.  As a result, economics is widely recognized as a solid background for many jobs and professions in business, government, and the law.  

Many occupations today require a college educated individual who can write and speak well, solve problems, learn new information quickly and work well with others on a team.  This means that college graduates use their education in a wide variety of fields, and your future career may relate as much to your personal career interests, work values and transferable skills as your specific academic major.  However, the following list contains a representative sample of job titles of former graduates with an Economics major.  Use this as an idea list, and remember that it represents some, but certainly not all, of the careers you might consider.  Students obtaining employment immediately upon graduation are usually those with the best college records and a willingness to relocate to find a job.  Some of these jobs also require education beyond a bachelors' degree.

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Efficiency Expert 
Labor Economist 
Labor Relations Specialist 
Bank Officer 
Estate Planner 
Bond Trader 
Financial Economist 
Litigation Analyst 
Business Forecaster 
Financial Officer 
Management Consultant/Analyst 
Business Manager 
Financial Planner/Analyst 
Market Research Analyst 
Chamber of Commerce Analyst 
Financial Reporter 
Commodities Trader 
Government Administrator 
Populations Studies Analyst 
Commodity-Industry Analyst 
Healthcare Administrator 
Property Manager 
Compensation/Benefits Administrator 
Hospitality Manager 
Public Administrator/Manager 
Industrial Economist 
Consumer Affairs Director 
Industrial Transportation 
Real Estate Agent/Broker 
Consumer Goods Manufacturers Rep 
Industrial/Institutional Buyer 
Securities Trader 
Cost Analyst 
Institutional Research Director 
Credit Analyst / Loan Officer 
Intelligence Agent 
International Trade Specialist 


Reading comprehension Active Listening
Mathematics & science Critical thinking
Different learning strategies Ability to give advice on business
Research skills Investigative skills
Oral & Written communication Computer literacy
Active learning Ability to prepare & write reports


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