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The Dramatic Arts Program at Cleveland State University is in transition to a core of performance emphasis courses designed to better help graduates meet the challenges in the profession. While students will still learn the basics of technical theater, acting and directing for the stage and camera will become the emphasis. Our goal is to have approval of the new major prior to fall 2006.

Students will also have the opportunity to study technical theater, theater history and playwriting in advanced courses.

Students interested in pursuing a major in Dramatic Arts are encouraged to seek guidance from program faculty or staff. For a full explanation of coming changes, contact the Dramatic Arts Program at 216-687-2113.

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While stage acting and directing opportunities are sought by many, much of the work today for actors and directors is in film, broadcast and other media. Our students increasingly find opportunities in television and radio commercials. The business is very competitive so we provide instruction by those who are working in or have previous experience in the field.
Some graduates are working professional actors in Northeast Ohio and elsewhere. Others teach theater or related media courses in colleges and high schools. Two of our graduates teach here at Cleveland State: one in Dramatic Arts and one in Communication. Others work in the allied fields of public relations and advertising. Some have gone on to advanced degrees in Dramatic Arts, Law Education and Business.

Visit CSU's Dramatic Art's webpage for more information

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Film Archives Television production Animator
Assistant Director Camera Operator Casting Director
Cinematographer Censor Colorizing technician
Independent Filmmaker Industrial Filmmaker Producer
Script Supervisor Screenwriter Sound Editor
Visual Effects Dramaturge Critic
Lighting Technician Program Assistant Press Agent
Actor Actress Drama Coach
Sound & Special Effects Specialist Prop Maker Scriptwriter
Studio Merchandising Distribution Company Personal Asst. to Director
Theater Manager Film Production Instructor Casting Assistant
Costume Design Publicist Rerecording mixer
Film Director Story Editor Talent Representative
Film Editor Talent Agent  


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